The two had to tell, of course, a lot to, finally, the President had just met one of the scariest dictators of the world, while in the domestic Washington of both Ex-lawyer evil from the leather moved. Sean Hannity and Donald Trump talk frequently to each other, without the cameras. The shadow chief of staff call the “Fox News”-Moderator therefore, in the White house. So, on Thursday, Donald Trump, Sean Hannity stand to answer questions. Where: What went under the heading of Interview, was more like a pub conversation between two elderly men knocking each other comfortingly on the shoulder.

Donald Trump, and Hannity share Ex-lawyer

as of The cut summit with North Korea’s commander-in-chief Kim Jong-Un in Hanoi makes Trump said the same thing he said on the press conference, That North Korea don’t want to close all nuclear plants have, as it required the Americans, but nevertheless, on the lifting of all the sanctions have passed. “I would not say that the discussions were unsatisfactory, we have a good relationship, but I have not decided that this was the right time to sign something,” says Trump. More interesting, however, was what had to say about their mutual friend Michael Cohen.

The lawyer had worked for ten years for Donald Trump as a lawyer and sweeper. Some called him because of this, his sixth child, but Cohen has renounced, in the meantime, his old boss, and in a spectacular hearing numerous allegations. Against the business and against the President Trump. Among other things, he testified before Congress that he had paid to the pornstar Stormy Daniels hush money on the instructions of Trump. A view which wanted neither the President nor the TV man just like that (also because the money could have failed to flow against campaign Finance laws and is therefore punishable by law would be).

the lawyer

Sean Hannity may be leaving his friend and the US President came to my aid: “I have him. often for-TV interviewed and dozens of times he has told that these payments were his decisions and he told you nothing about it, he told me personally,” so “Fox News”-man Hannity “He has to. He has made the decision,” says Trump, “and remember, he is a lawyer. You can finally rely on the decisions of his lawyer”. To the extent, so agreed.


summit Trump and Kim

“America’s President was made the buffoon”


This brief exchange has been remarkable, and prompt the interest of the opposition Congressman David Cicilline. Sean Hannity had offered, apparently voluntarily, as a witness, said the Democrat: “I’m looking forward to the fact that he repeated his statements in front of Congress under oath,” he said slightly sarcastic. Apparently, he doubts the Hannitys truthfulness, and believes more of Michael Cohen, who had announced before the house of representatives, to the evidence for his Version. He should keep right, it could bring the hush money payment Trump in serious trouble. Probably not during his term of office, but after that.

Cohen takes it with the truth of not-so-carefully

Hannitys and Trumps distancing show was over. In April 2018, it turned out that the “Fox News”presenter in addition to Donald Trump as well as a donation no driver of one of three Cohen-clients had been coaxing a fact that Hannity at the time, had tried small. Because the TV man would have to do privately and professionally with a lawyer, who was also the lawyer of the US President – a difficult constellation, as long as it is not made transparent for all to see. Now, however, Hannity denied any involvement. “I was drawn to this Michael-Cohen-thing. But he was never my lawyer. He even apologized that he claimed in court,” said Hannity.

For Sean Hannity speaks: Michael Cohen has not taken it with the truth is often particularly accurate – not even under oath. Against Sean Hannity speaks: He can not exclude, Cohen, perhaps, paid for it, so that the conversations fall within the attorney-client privilege.

Michael Cohen and Kim Jong-Un

Donald Trump and his worst week as U.S. President

He flew as a peacemaker to Vietnam and returned as a “liar and a fraud”: Donald Trump has any success at the summit with North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-Un and then grabs his Ex-lawyer Trumps worst week.

Niels Kruse

sources: “The Daily Beast”, “Fox News”, “Contemptor”, “Time”