The appearance of Donald Trump in the US Congress, has illustrated impressively the changes in the political distribution of power in the United States. Because trump’s strongest rival, the opposition boss, Nancy Pelosi, sitting at the state of the Nation address on your new place as Chairman of the house of representatives, directly behind the lectern – and the US President, literally, in the neck.

During trump’s speech, the cameras were again and again indirectly or even directly to “Madame Speaker” is directed, so that the U.S. could pursue Public Pelosis reaction to the statements. And the Democrat from San Francisco, delivered the viewers an expressive background to show the President’s speech.

Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi join hands

Pelosi had appeared to the event in a white pants suit, and thus dozens of female members of the democratic party, in reference to the suffragette movement at the beginning of the 20th century. Century, as women for their right to vote demonstrated, also contributed. When Trump entered the hall, rose the 78-Year-old from her seat and applauded politely. Before his speech, the President of his opponent, a dark-blue folder was a copy of his manuscript, and the two shook hands.


state of the Union speech

Donald Trump is playing US President. 82 minutes

Of Jens König

trump’s speech lasted more than 80 minutes. In this time, Pelosi smiled mostly polite and respectful. But there were also moments in which you made no effort to hide their displeasure or Irritation. Several times the opposition seemed to grin boss, to giggle, shaking the head or rolling the eyes. As Trump announced that he would ensure that the border with Mexico, a wall is being built, and next to her seat at the end of Vice-President Mike Pence, the applauded, commenting on Pelosi’s announcement with a wry Smile and looked in the direction of the equally immovable Democrats to your Right.


Delay in the speech of Donald Trump’s many a Time the mouth: the democratic Chairman of the house of representatives, “Madame Speaker,” Nancy Pelosi.

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And as the President of the studies in the Russia affair, criticized, sighed, Pelosi, pursed her lips and put an icy look. Furthermore, she said Trump’s quasi in real time via one of their Twitter Accounts that The Congress had “the responsibility, the supervision of the other government areas to exercise,” she said. “We would be failing in our duties if we did not exercise the necessary duty of supervision.”

Pelosis more or less subtle signs of disapproval stood in stark contrast to Vice President Pence, the Democrats often due to his enthusiastic nature, view, Trump, is mocked.

Pelosi delivers “the most iconic Moment of the night,”

at the same time Pelosi did not, however, the Democrats were displaying their rejection of the President. As trump’s statements on the illegal immigration of the Opposition have been acknowledged to moan loudly, lifted the group leader at least twice in her Hand, to reassure the members.

most notable, however, Pelosis was in response to trump’s plea for Unity and to Overcome the policy of “revenge” and “reprisal” that seemed to stand in direct contradiction to his own long history of Twitter insults. Pelosi rose from her seat, and applause was given to the President so pointedly, that the “Huffington Post” spoke of the “most iconic Moment of the night,” and on Twitter a Meme.