When he talks about you, no longer come out from the swarms. It is a pretty clear thing: Ivanka is Donald trump’s favorite child. To your come, neither his older sons Donald Jr. and Eric, his youngest son, Barron over. And certainly not Tiffany Trump, the daughter he got with his former affair with Marla Maples.

President of the adviser

her father had attacked Clinton sharp: Ivanka Trump took advantage of the private account service

DPA Donald Trump raves about daughter Ivanka

When it comes to the US President, could hold the 37-year-old Ivanka even eventually the highest office in the country – namely, his -. This is from an Interview that has led Trump with the U.S. magazine “The Atlantic”. “If she wanted to ever run for President, she would be hit very, very hard,” he says. “It has created millions of Jobs, and I never would have guessed how successful they would be,” he boasts. That you “have to allow millions of Jobs,” The Atlantic “” however, directly.

For Donald Trump are such Details but, apparently, beside the point. Ivanka may, in his eyes anyway, nothing wrong. “She is a born diplomat. You would be great at the United Nations,” he says. He had not proposed, however, for the Post, because he might then nepotism would be accused of. His daughter, the Trump in official Meetings, sometimes called “Baby”, was also “very good with Numbers”. A Job as world Bank Boss would have been in his eyes. In the past, it was assumed that Trump didn’t want to nominate his daughter for the Post. Now he has confirmed the rumors. “I have seen you under considerable pressure. It responds very well – it’s usually genetically predisposed to it,” he boasts.

world Bank Job, is not in his Hand

in fact, the U.S. President decides on the management of the world Bank. However, he may make a recommendation to be considered by the Board of Directors. At the beginning of April, David Malpass has been elected unanimously to the world Bank chief. He is close to the President, had advised during the election campaign, trump’s Team.

In the past, Trump has not been accused again and again, to hold Items with his children, even though they were qualified enough.

source : “The Atlantic”