21. January: Trump’s lawyer: talks about high-rise project in Moscow longer than previously known

Donald Trump has, according to his lawyer, for much longer with a high-rise project in Moscow involved than previously acknowledged. The current US President had led to October or November, 2016 with his former lawyer, Michael Cohen talks about the project, Trump said attorney Rudy Giuliani in the US channel NBC. It was not “given many” talks, “but there were conversations”. Giuliani’s statement means that Trump looked up to the presidential election in November 2016, with the ultimately not implemented in the high-rise project. The indication is therefore controversial, as it is a question of whether Trump pursued still at an advanced Phase of his election campaign, business interests in Russia – which, in turn, could have its political attitude towards Moscow’s influence. He himself had denied in the election campaign to have any Connections to Russia.

17. January: Trump is 100 percent for Nato and modernised missile defence

US President Donald Trump has assured that his country “is one hundred percent” behind the Nato. At the same time, the President on Thursday reiterated during a speech at the Pentagon, his claim for an increase in the defence expenditure of the Nato partners. “We can’t be the idiots of the other”, he repeated his accusation that other members of the military Alliance allowed the United States to protect, without doing enough of their own. Trump should have considered, according to the beginning of the week published report of the “New York Times” in the past year, on several occasions, from the Nato to withdraw. Before he took office in early 2017, he had called the military Alliance “superfluous”.

Trump announced during the speech that the United States expand its missile technology for the prevention of threats from North Korea, Iran, China and Russia – the two great powers are explicitly called. Adversaries and “rogue regimes” around the world, their missile arsenals built up steadily and concentrated on the development of long-range missiles that could reach targets in the United States, Trump said. The fact America has to respond, he said at the launch of a strategy paper in the Pentagon. To the outlined investment systems stationed in space. The All-new Battle scene, underscore, Trump, wants to defend the USA, thus possibly also in space. Whether the government can implement the projects, in fact, depends on whether they can ensure the financing. Nevertheless, the mere announcement is likely to Stoke race fears about a new arms race.

16. January: the US withdrawal from disarmament Treaty to

terminate is Not a solution to the dispute over the important INF disarmament Treaty to ban medium-range weapons: A Meeting of representatives of Russia and the United States is inconclusive. The United States will now initiate the process of exiting from the contract, said Andrea Thompson, U.S. under-Secretary of state to reporters the Nato. The INF Treaty dates back to the year 1987 and commenced the end of the Cold war. as the first major disarmament Treaty. The US and Nato accuse Russia, to break with new cruise missiles from 500 to 5500 km range against a deal. The United States had set Moscow, therefore, a last three-month period to relent, which expires at the beginning of February.

15. January: the Designated Minister of justice clearly contradicts Donald Trump and clear

The designated U.S. attorney General Bill Barr has rejected President Donald Trump in the evaluation of the investigation to Russia affair diametrically opposed: During the investigation it was his view, not a “witch hunt,” said Barr before the Senate judiciary Committee in Washington.

Trump denounces the investigations by the special investigator Robert Mueller to possible illegal collusion between the Trump Team and Moscow, and the suspicion of obstruction of Justice by the President regularly, as a gigantic “witch-hunt”. “I don’t think that she would not participate in Mr. Mueller on a witch hunt,” said Barr.

In a prepared statement for the hearing, Barr argued, moreover, that Mueller can bring his investigation to the end. He think it is “extremely important that the special investigator is possible, its investigation complete”. Further, Barr said that Mueller’s published final report. According to his view, it is very important that the Congress and the Public would be informed of the results. With his Remarks, Barr sought the Concerns of the opposition Democrats, to dispel, he could be stalling in the order Trumps the Mueller investigation. Barr was nominated at the beginning of December of Trump’s successor, Jeff Sessions, the President had shortly after the Congress urged elections in November to resign.