In handcuffs and a blue prison uniform, Yu Jing Chang appeared before the court. Taken, but it focuses to have performed, recorded lasted for the channel CNN and their hearing is unusually long. But the case Chang is also highly unusual: A Chinese woman who sneaks in the property of the U.S. President in Florida, and not only large amounts of cash, but also a virus-infested USB-Stick as well as a device to hidden cameras to track down. This is all just a Mistake? The U.S. attorney’s office is now open to the suspicion that Chang could be a spy.

the prison is in danger of being so or so

so Far, the 32 is accused of-Year-olds, at 30. March officers of the Secret Service lied to and to have to gain without the permission entry to a security zone. Actually, these trifles do not justify more than a week long detention time, Chang’s, but the woman has not slipped in any hotel, but rather in the estate of Donald Trump. And given the dubious circumstances of the Chinese citizen will not be dismissed for the time being, also out on bail. By the way, has deprived the immigration authorities the visa, so that they would go right back behind bars.

so What is happening this Saturday in front of one and a half weeks? Even if Chang is telling the truth, sounds like your trip to Florida more than adventurous. They had arrived with a Taxi at the Mar-a-Lago, to make themselves familiar with the terrain, said her attorney, before the court. Originally your had been promised to at an event, the sister of Donald Trump meeting. $ 20,000 you would have paid for a Promoter, but the appointment was then cancelled. When you Enter the site you’ve shown, first of all, the President of the protective guard of Secret Service your name, your passport and as a member of the Mar-a-Lago club spent. In the Pool she wanted to swim, therefore, is a Hotel-employees have driven therefore, then with a Golf cart to the actual reception.

To swim without a bathing suit

At the baggage check of the Secret Service noticed that she had no swimsuit, in addition to your extensive computer equipment fell to. Chang’s had said on the grounds that they fear the machine could be out of the hotel room stolen. As the officials took their possessions, they were amazed: they found a further Pass, 7620 US dollars in cash, the equivalent of another 663 dollars in Chinese currency, many US credit cards, as well as Girokarten, an external hard drive, four mobile phones, five Sim cards, as well as a device to hidden electronics to track – nine USB Sticks, one of which will contaminate a Secret Service computer.

Donald Trump

spies in the Mar-a-Lago: Why Trumps style of Life a security nightmare

By Malte Mansholt

It turned out that the 32-Year-old a room was rented in the neighboring Colony Hotel. According to your counsel you have imparted to a man by the name of Charles Lee, the journey – for US $ 20,000. Chang testified that you had a Chat App to contact Charles. The have you sent from Shanghai to the USA, so you should speak with the family of the US President on the Chinese-American external economic relations. However, the so-called friendship event was then cancelled. Shady: The FBI is currently investigating against a business woman by the name of Li Cindy Jang, to offer alleged Meeting with Donald Trump to purchase. Exactly this woman had originally offered Yu Jing Chang the date in Mar-a-Lago, whose mediation was then taken over by Charles Lee.

Donald Trump was on the Golf course

About yourself Chang had said at their first hearing, only the most necessary: you work as an Investor and help to establish business contacts in the United States. Would be at home in China, you drive a BMW and a house in the value of one Million US-Dollar. Also you have a Wells Fargo account in the US, where a couple were a Thousand dollars – apparently, however, significantly less than you ultimately were found, as a Prosecutor Rolando Garcia stresses: “you’ll lie to anyone to do with you”.

One day, two retirements

Trumps staff carousel rotates more rapidly now to be the Supreme protector throw


The incident in Mar-a-Lago fired again concerns long expressed safety. Although Donald Trump on the Golf course was reached, when Chang to the area, but in the past, hotel guests were able to come again and again in the immediate vicinity of the US President, some even took pictures with him in the Background. “The club of the President for foreign espionage,” writes the US magazine “Vanity Fair” and cited experts saying: “the Only surprise: a incident already happened.”

criticism from Opposition due to control effort

According to the Secret Service, the Problem is in the private character of the property. While the security officials can be expected to control the guests, it was not allowed, however, to deny people access. This, in turn, the hotel management would be responsible, which can lead to security gaps. The related expense for the Secret Service now employs even the U.S. Opposition.

questions, the bodyguard also because of this thing with the infested USB-Stick from the possession of the Chinese favor. Because according to the testimony of an employee of one of his colleagues wanted to examine one of the small disk and put it in a computer. Immediately the Computer started to install files, something so Unusual he had never seen. The officials will have removed the Stick immediately from the calculator, it says in the newspaper “Miami Herald”.

Häme for USB-breakdown of the Secret Service

The glitch has a lot of mockery and malice. A developer of anti-virus software manufacturer Kaspersky said that such a “USB-to-execution” is not new for him. A FBI surveillance specialist speculated in “The Daily Beast”, that probably because someone wanted to solve before the computer colleagues. And a boss of the software security firm Veracode, said: “It is no unknown USB Stick into a computer. Knows every mother.” Even the emergency stop of the agents was a mistake. “From a technological point of view, one must have the Virus to run, to be able to analyze what exactly he was meant to be,” a computer forensics. On the day of Chang’s statement was made known. that the Director of the Secret Service, Randolph will All the rooms in his brief Post.

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