Donald Trump Jr. is not yet noticed by his political tact. Also in the escalating dispute over the wall to Mexico, which wants to have built by his father Donald Trump, is making the Junior a tasteless misstep. On Instagram, he compared the wall on the border to Mexico, indirectly, with fences in a Zoo. “You know why, you can have a day at the Zoo and enjoy?”, the President’s son, wrote on Tuesday evening. “Because that’s where the fences work.” This leads to the Interpretation that Mexicans, for Trump, Jr. are not more than wild animals, it is best to be in a cage.

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Trump insists on a border wall – and gives Democrats the blame for the government to a standstill

Accordingly, were angry reactions in the social networks do not have to wait long. “Actually, I can enjoy any day at the Zoo. The National Zoo is currently closed due to the shutdown, namely,” commented a woman on Twitter snappy. “I hope the President’s son can soon figure out for yourself how effective walls are really,” wrote one user and posted the Emblem of the Ministry of justice of the United States to his Post. Also other wishes Trump Jr., soon this experience. “Donald Trump Jr. is may soon learn that life behind bars,” commented another Twitter user.

in order for the User to play on the ongoing investigation by the FBI in the Russia affair, in which Trump Jr. it is not irrelevant to entangled. On Tuesday the Russian lawyer Natalia Wesselnizkaja has been indicted for obstruction of Justice. The Prosecutor’s office in New York accuses her to have investigation in a money laundering case, disabled. The lawyer also plays a role in the Russia affair, to Donald Trump, because during the election campaign, with then-campaign Manager Paul Manafort, and with the Trump Jr. had taken.

Donald Trump Jr. delete Post

in the Meantime, Trump, Jr. his Post on Instagram deleted. However, the network forgets known never.


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