Donald Trump Jr. in the social networks almost as active as his father. And just as the US President, he has not always a good hand. So Trumps common Elder is a fake survey about the popularity of the President, on his Instagram profile, compared on Twitter to a wall on the Mexico border with bars in a Zoo, or tried with a shortened quote to bring London mayor Sadiq Khan into disrepute. All of these Postings Trump Jr were. the public around the ears – just like his latest, Kick to the fat cells.

Donald Trump Jr. a Democrat attacked inside

After Donald Trump in the night to Wednesday in his speech to the Nation had kept, had attacked his Junior with the female members of the Democrats. They were almost all appeared in White in the Congress, in accordance with the suffragette movement at the beginning of the 20th century. Century, who fought for the right of women to vote. Before the event, some of them had gathered for a group photo with the note: “We wear white to unite us against all the Attempts of the Trump Administration, to make the incredible progress made by women in the last century, to undo, and we will continue to support the advancement of all women.”

President’s son on Twitter

Donald Trump Jr. with unflavored wall-comparison for outrage

Donald Trump Jr. apparently, took offense at the appearance of the “Congress of women”. On his Twitter channel he turned to the women, indirectly, lack of Patriotism: “a pin with the American flag in their ranks” over a picture of the members, the Trump Jr. posted. “Speaks for itself and no one is in the Least surprised,” wrote the 41-Year-old.

Would not be given to Donald Trump one of the least God-fearing President in the US history, he would have his Oldest, maybe the Bible saying “What do You see but the splinter in Your brother’s eye and not perceive the beam that is in Thine own eye?” on the path of life and the Putting preserved. But tweeted Trump Jr. unabashed in his criticism of the in the world and a entlarvendes Echo back received.

US-President’s son

Donald Trump Jr. common (bad) fake survey about his father – power-taunt is great

Because of the attentive Twitter community, the bar in Trump Juniors eye noticed pretty quickly. The User Cole posted a photo that shows the President’s son on the sidelines of the event with his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, his brother Eric, and his wife, Lara, his sister Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner as well as his sister Tiffany. “A pin with the American flag,” he commented on the picture, it is clear that apparently the President’s family suffers after Trump Juniors standards of patriotism deficiency.

as well as various members of the Republican party of Donald Trump, who listened in the room of the President’s speech – without a flag pin, as the User, John, Jr. revealed:

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