Spike Lee had to mention Donald Trump, for once, the US President felt nonetheless be addressed. In his acceptance speech for his first Oscar, he had received for the screenplay of “BlacKkKlansman,” said the film’s Director and screenwriter of “our ancestors who built this country”, was explicitly the honor and denounced the enslavement of Africans and the “genocide of our indigenous people”.

Finally, he swung round and called out to the Stars in the room as well as the millions of TV viewers: “The presidential elections of 2020 are in front of the door. (…) Let all of us on the right side of history”, he demanded. And further: “Choose between love and hate. Let us do the Right thing!” Thunderous applause of the gathered Hollywood celebrities, reflected back to him.

Donald Trump: Multi-racially

Not so from the White house voiced. To whom the words of the almost 62-year-old film were maker, was obvious. And so it was no Surprise that Trump, of course, via Twitter – responded to Lee’s speech. A “racist hit”, a racist attack, “the President called,” Trump the Statements of the former figurehead of the New Black Cinema, the Central theme of the everyday racism against the Blacks in the United States. In addition, the President made the rather awkward kind of funny, like Spike Lee, had his speech, several times verhaspelnd, the sheet read. It would be nice ranting and raving Trump, if Spike Lee could at least read his notes, if he is attacking the President. It would be even better, he wouldn’t need any notes.

it was, of course, Trump made, however, Lee made allocation to equity and was thus unintentionally self-exposed. Tellingly, it came from the President himself, not even in the sense of self on the side of love is to be classified. Instead, it was obviously more of a need, the Director denigrate and himself as the greatest friend of African Americans – with the usual arguments: “judicial Reform, lowest unemployment in history, tax cuts, etc.” He had done more for African Americans than almost any other President, praised be Trump himself.

“rapists” from “shithole countries”

During his tenure, Donald Trump was already multi-racism-accusations. Especially his refusal to condemn neo-Nazi riots in Charlottesville, Virginia, to, in the course of a woman from a self-confessed fascists hit by a truck and was fatally injured, made headlines. In addition, he described Mexicans lump sum as a rapist and Criminal, among Haitians was that they had “all Aids”, and described in addition to Haiti, El Salvador and African countries as a “shithole countries” (“shithole countries”).


with its opulent rings Director Spike Like during the Oscar Gala clear what his opinion in the next presidential election: the choice between “HATE” (l.) and “LOVE”.

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