US President Donald Trump from the 3. to 5. June, come for a state visit to London. The American President and First Lady Melania have accepted an invitation from the Queen, said the Palace.

The Queen corresponds to the desire of the British government. The Trump’s visit is, however, highly controversial. It is expected that with massive protests.

the Prime Minister Theresa May had issued the invitation to Trump shortly after he took office in 2017. You met with in your country to indignation. A state visit is different than a normal work celebrates the visit with all the Pomp of the king’s house, and is regarded as a special honor. Before the Trump, it was only two US presidents given: George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Is part of a state visit, among other things, the ride in a gilded Carriage on the Boulevard “The Mall” in London and a state Banquet at Buckingham Palace.

The Trump’s visit is expected to be massive protests. Parliament speaker John Bercow had once announced to receive the US President for a speech in the Palace of Westminster. Indirectly he accused Trump of racism and sexism. On Tuesday, he, such a request said, if it existed, would be examined according to the usual criteria.

The state visit should have been held. But London was with a date in view of the expected protests of the time. A taste of the Event it was in July last year, came to Trump a multi-day working visit to the UK. He was housed in the Ambassador’s residence in London, but took only dates outside of the capital and traveled by helicopter. The programme also included a Meeting with the Queen at Windsor castle.

Trump duped during the visit, the Prime Minister with an Interview with the tabloid “the Sun”, which was published shortly after a festive Gala Dinner at Blenheim Palace, the birthplace of Churchill,. He accused May, to have his advice about the leaving the EU to be ignored. Praise had been kicked out of Trump, however, may’s rival Boris Johnson in the Luggage, Leaving only a few days earlier, in Protest against Mays-course from his post as foreign Minister.