Donald Trump cancels confidential meeting with Taliban and Afghanistan
Donald Trump cancels confidential meeting with Taliban and Afghanistan

US President Donald Trump said that a secret meeting with leaders of the Taliban and Afghanistan at ‘Camp David‘ on Sunday has been canceled. With this, the efforts of peace talks that have been going on for the last one year seem to be failing. This step has been taken in view of the bombing in Kabul last week. Trump said he had to hold separate talks with the two parties at ‘Camp David‘ on Sunday, but the Taliban’s continued violent acts made him unconvincing. Trump tweeted, “Almost without telling everyone, a separate confidential meeting was to be held with prominent Taliban leaders and the President of Afghanistan at Camp David on Sunday.” He said, “Unfortunately… He claimed responsibility for the attack in Kabul, in which one of our best soldiers lost his life and another 11 were injured.

The President said, “How will there be people who kill so many people to strengthen their position?” … They have only made it worse. “An American soldier and a worker were killed in the attack on Thursday in Kabul. The Taliban, who were negotiating a peace deal with the US ambassador, claimed responsibility for it. If the agreement is reached, the United States can withdraw thousands of its troops from Afghanistan.

The US president said, “I immediately canceled this meeting and halted the peace talks.” Despite the ongoing peace talks in Qatar between US negotiators and Taliban representatives, deadly violent incidents continue in Kabul. Different reactions have been coming to Washington since Trump’s disclosure. Laurel Miller, who served as the US Special Representative on Afghanistan and Pakistan in the Trump administration, said, “Trump’s plans to hold talks with Taliban leaders at Camp David” are appalling. “, “Why the deadly attack on Kabul on Thursday is the reason for its cancellation, given the many recent attacks by the Taliban, it is not clear.”

At the same time, Democrat MP Tom Malinowski called for clarity on the US strategy in Afghanistan and called the decision to call Taliban leaders ‘Camp David’ “bizarre”.

Malinowski tweeted, “Everyone knows that they are continuously carrying out terrorist attacks. But I am happy that the President closed this spectacle and hope that he will stick to this right decision. ”The tweet with the Taliban, which has been in talks for nearly a year, seems to be at an end. Significantly, the US diplomat Jalmi Khalilzad has so far held nine rounds of talks with the Taliban.


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