US President Donald Trump and the North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Un came together in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi to its second summit. Eight months ago, had met Trump and Kim in Singapore – the gathering commander-in-chief was the first between a U.S. President and a North Korean power. What has been achieved since then and what are the goals for this summit? Questions and answers:

What have agreed to meet the two sides in Singapore?

In a joint statement after the summit from the 12. In June of last year, Trump North Korea not closer defined “security guarantees,” said. Kim stressed in turn, be “firm and unwavering commitment to the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula”. A timetable was also set to offer Details to a nuclear disarmament.

What you want to achieve the USA in the long term?

the Official goal of the United States, the “final and fully verified denuclearization of North Korea”. The U.S. special envoy for North Korea, Stephen Biegun, admitted recently in a speech in Stanford University that there is, as yet, no North Korea agreed Definition for it. Biegun stated, but is closer to what “denuclearization” from a US point of view: “This means the elimination of all weapons of mass destruction, their means of delivery and the means to produce them.” With their means of delivery, missiles are meant, which can be equipped with nuclear warheads.

the United States has a schedule?

no. Trump has made it clear that he sees no rush to offer, as long as North Korea refrains continue to of nuclear weapons and missile tests. The most recent nuclear weapons test, North Korea had detonated in September of 2017, according to its own information of a hydrogen bomb. In November 2017, North Korea had last tested a missile. Pyongyang had informed then, with this missile, North Korea is now in a position, the entire mainland of the United States with nuclear warheads to attack. Trump leads back to the test stop on its rapprochement policy.

What is the goal of North Korea is?

Kim wants security guarantees from the United States. Trump had threatened the North Koreans in August of 2017: “you will be met with fire and wrath, as the world has never seen before.” The following month, he had said, should be forced the U.S. to defend itself or its allies, “then we will have no other choice than to destroy North Korea completely”. Kim wants to achieve in addition, a lifting of tough UN and US sanctions against his country and an end to the international Isolation.

What to bring to the summit in Hanoi?

Biegun says, of Trump expect from the two-day Meeting “significant and verifiable progress on denuclearization”. At the working level should be established prior to the summit on a roadmap for negotiations and “a common understanding of the desired results”. Kim should hope for the Meeting with concrete Commitments in the United States. In his new year speech, Kim was threatened with a departure from the approach course, if the U.S. should stick to sanctions. He accused Washington, Promises not to comply with, and to Pyongyang’s unilateral disarmament steps pressing.

What are the specific Commitments are possible?

The station CNN recently reported about talks that the U.S. and North Korea could build not embassies, but nevertheless, liaison offices in each other’s country. It would be a first step towards the normalization of relations, which had been formulated in the final Declaration of Singapore as a destination. Of historical significance it would be, should Trump proclaim an end to the Korean war, even if a formal peace Treaty to be drafted and other parties would have to include. North Korea would bring about the international recognition of the step would, however, raise new questions – for example, what would happen to the US soldiers in South Korea.

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Where is Kim? Hanoi seeks the dictator

For the second Time, will meet US President Donald Trump, and North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-Un to a summit. The venue is the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi – where the top meet in the run-up for excitement. The News-Overview.

is a war between North Korea and the United States?

Technically, Yes. The Korean war ended in 1953 with an armistice, a peace Treaty should follow the plan but was a victim of the Cold war. “President Trump is ready to put an end to this war. It’s over,” said Biegun at the end of January. “We will not invade North Korea. We are not seeking to overthrow the North Korean Regime.” In Singapore, both sides had agreed already, the framework for a peace. Trump himself said this in his state of the Union speech recently of a “historic push for peace on the Korean Peninsula”.

How did the Korean conflict?

The conflict dates back to the surrender of Japan at the end of the Second world war, Korea was colonized. Since 1945, the Korean is divided the Peninsula into a Western-oriented South and a Communist North. Tensions escalated, as North Korea on may 25. June 1950 the hardly prepared for the South attack. In the three-year Korean war, South Korea by UN supported troops, which were led by the US, North Korea by Chinese associations. The armistice agreement of 1953, confirmed the 38. Latitude as the border between South and North Korea.

the United States has nuclear weapons in South Korea?

The United States had stationed during the Cold war, nuclear weapons in South Korea, withdrew this but 1991. However, the United States will protect its allies South Korea and Japan with a “nuclear umbrella” (“nuclear umbrella”) – bomb aircraft and U-boats, the atomic weapons drop or can shoot, but they are not stationed in South Korea.

What is it with the sanctions against North Korea?

The sanctions will hinder the economic development of the impoverished country, Kim has spent since his coming to power at the end of 2011 in addition to the nuclear armament as one of its priority objectives. The United Nations because of its nuclear and missile tests, the country imposed multiple sanctions against North Korea. They include, among other things, a ban on the supply, sale and transfer of arms. The sanctions also affect the Export trade and the financial sector of the country and the delivery miner will limit oil products such as gasoline drastically. The United States also have imposed comprehensive sanctions.


Why the summit of Trump and Kim in Vietnam takes place

U.S. President Donald Trump, and North Korea’s ruler, Kim Jong-Un will be meeting for the second Time on an official stage. But why not in Vietnam? The venue is a Wink with the fence post.

What are the consequences of the sanctions?

Kim has not succeeded so far, to eliminate the scarcity of food in the country. The UN children’s Fund, Unicef, wrote in December about North Korea, that in a population of around 25 million people of food safety for 10.9 million is not guaranteed; you have nearly three million under the age of 18 years. The office of the UN Secretary-General warned in the summer: “North Korea threatens a continuing humanitarian crisis, which is overlooked by the Rest of the world.”

Is an end to the sanctions in sight?

Currently not. “We will not remove the sanctions, before denuclearization is completed,” says Biegun. Trump North Korea, but the long-term prosperity. “North Korea will be under the leadership of Kim Jong Un to be a major economic engine,” wrote Trump recently on Twitter. Biegun says, after a complete denuclearization of the United States is prepared, together with North Korea and other countries opportunities for investment and economic development to explore.

there Were since the summit in Singapore also measurable results?

Yes. North Korea transferred the mortal Remains of 55 suspected American soldiers from the Korean war in the United States. Biegun also stresses that currently, unlike in the past – not a U.S. citizen was detained illegally in North Korea. According to his information, the USA have relaxed the provisions, in order to send humanitarian aid to North Korea.

How dangerous North Korea is?

Trump had written to the first summit on Twitter: “North Korea not a nuclear threat any longer.” In the meantime, Trump is expressed cautious. The U.S. intelligence services see in North Korea continue to be a threat. Secret service coordinator Dan Coats said at the end of January: “We currently assume that North Korea is trying its skills in the area of weapons of mass destruction to maintain.” It was unlikely that Kim would give up its nuclear weapons, because he considered them as crucial to the survival of his Regime.

Meet the leaders

Kim look-alike, before the summit from Vietnam thrown in, Trump-Double is allowed to stay

you see how the two mighty men will meet on Wednesday in Hanoi. One of them must leave the country now. The DoppelgangeR of Kim Jong-Un has not been reported, the Double of Donald Trump.

DPA Is then a fast nuclear disarmament feasible?

Hardly. Trump expected to the forthcoming second summit, another Meeting with Kim. Biegun says: “I think it’s safe to say that we have more work ahead than behind us.” Little to show so far that North Korea had actually decided that its nuclear weapons to dismantle and destroy.

on the nuclear disarmament of all progress?

Kim turned to disarmament measures, at least in view. According to the South Korean President, Moon Jae-In, offered Kim last September, to close the nuclear plant in Yongbyon, if the US come with “appropriate measures”. As a concrete measure, North Korea said, according to Moon it is also the test facility for Rocket engines in Sohae, on the West coast and the launch pad under the supervision of international inspectors to dismantle.

what is the relationship between Trump and Kim?

Much better than 2017. At that time, the US President mocked the North Korean rulers as a “little rocket man”. Kim called Trump a “mentally ill, demented US Old man”. Trump says now that he had a very good relationship with Kim. And in a speech in September of last year, Trump went even further when he described the relationship: “We fell in love,” he said.

Why is the summit being held in Vietnam?

Vietnam traditionally maintains good relations with North Korea. In the past few years has improved, but also the relationship with the former war opponents United States. Today, after the economic Opening is part of Vietnam the fastest growing countries in the world. From the point of view of the United States Vietnam could be with its course of Opening up the model for the isolated North Korea.

Odyssey over 4500 kilometres

Instead of plane: Kim driving armored train to Meet with Trump

On Wednesday meets North Korea’s ruler, Kim Jong-Un in Vietnam to US President Donald Trump. Because Kim takes instead of a plane with his armored train, he left. A flight would have cost him only five hours.

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