Hamburg: firefighters freed a 38-Year-old chastity belt

had to use An angle grinder, the fire brigade of Hamburg in order to free a man from a fairly awkward position. With a locked chastity belt of the 38 appeared-Year-old, first on a police station in Poppenbüttel – this is the “Hamburger Abendblatt” reported first. According to his statement, the Domina had to leave after a Meeting at a rest area on the A7 near Lübeck is the key for the steel corset. He should have worn the belt for two weeks. To the police he later claimed to be the Dominatrix blackmail. According to the 25-Year-old, who was identified by police, was part of the deal, you keep the key. You have refused him, because the man had been looking for a Dominatrix. As the “evening Gazette” reported, the police have now problems, the dubious case of fraud. Because of the supposedly Injured party is, apparently, off the grid. The last hearing date, he stayed away.

Karlsruhe: armed junk escalates

In Karlsruhe, Germany escalated on Monday evening, an armed junk. As the police reported, was a 32-Year-old shortly after 22 o’clock with his dog on the road, as he threw a 56-Year-old encountered, the bulk of the waste to be searched, and parts of it on the sidewalk. The prompt, the bulky waste to clear away, not after the guy came. After a short battle of words, the Situation escalated. The 56-Year-old initially threw boards and rods in the direction of the 32-Year-old. Finally, the bulky waste collectors took a Board and struck the stroller. This fought back with a rod. Both brawlers were minor injuries. Witnesses alerted the police.

Willich-Anrath: 14-Year-old tractor run over

In North Rhine-Westphalia, Willich came on Monday evening a 14-Year-old in a traffic accident. As reported by the police, drove the girls against 18.45 with your Inline Skates on a bike path, as the ended suddenly. As they wanted to avoid so-called Traffic guide baffle, and was on the road and was hit by a tractor and run over. The Teenager died at the scene of the accident. The 27-year-old tractor driver suffered a shock and needs to be treated in a hospital and an emergency chaplain support.

Gronau: 15-Year-old fires in school with tear gas, 19 injured

A tear gas-loaded blank-firing pistol has a student in the stairwell of a secondary school in Gronau (North Rhine-Westphalia) fired. The youth injured, according to a report by the police Borken on Tuesday morning, the 17 students in the class and two teachers. Accordingly, the Affected complained of irritated eyes and the respiratory tract. Twelve injured had to be treated in a hospital on an outpatient basis. The police identified a 15-Year-old, who is considered a suspect. The fire part ventilated the affected Building.

Paderborn: school bus dashed against a tree, 20 injured

In case of an accident with a school bus were injured on Tuesday in Paderborn 20 people, including many children. A rescue helicopter flew two seriously injured in a hospital. According to police reports, the Bus came to a County road in Lichtenau for yet unknown reasons, of the roadway and crashed into a tree. The right-hand side of the bus was ripped open partially. A total of 28 passengers were between the ages of twelve and 52 years. The 43-year-old bus driver remained according to the police, unharmed.

Unna: fire in mother-and-child home, 39-Year-old dead,

The fire at a mother-and-child facility in Unna is a second death has claimed victims. How police and prosecutors in Dortmund said on Tuesday, succumbed to the mother of the six-year-old girl in the night in a hospital for your serious injuries. The investigators assume that the 39-Year-old, the fire has died down in the night on Monday. Previously, she should have locked herself in with her little daughter in the room where the two were for some time housed. The six-year-old has died on Monday in a clinic.

news of Monday, 1. April

Kerpen: beginner builds accident and freaked out

Just three weeks after his driving test is going to be a young motorist for his driver’s license again. Because of its risky and reckless way of driving of the 18-Year-old caused on Saturday on the A61 at Kerpen in a serious accident. Before, the man was a witness because of his particularly “renegade driving style” to get noticed, police said on Monday. Accordingly, despising the Teenage miss rules on the highway any traffic. “He used all the lanes, the lane, overtook on the left and the right and drove snake lines”, – stated in the police report. Before the collision, he moved from the far left to the far right and touched the rear of a Car trailer that detached from the car and on the pavement threw. Anything other than remorseful, responded to the 18-Year-old after the accident. Accordingly he got out, and loudly around screaming. Because of his aggressive behavior, a drug had not been test on site is possible, according to police. The result of the arranged blood tests from a stand still.

Sinsheim: Three cars after accident on the A61 burnt out, at least two of the Dead

at Least two people came on Monday afternoon, a serious traffic accident in the Rhine-Neckar-circle of life. As the police said after a preliminary investigation, was driving a van when Changing the lane on a tractor. He captured a in between a Car and pushed it under the trailer of the Truck. All three vehicles involved in the accidents caught fire and burned completely. At least two passengers in the jammed Cars died in your car. How many people sat in total in the car, could not tell the police first. May the number of dead to rise, a police spokesman. For protection from curious passersby had formed all the car and train set maintenance Walldorf at the scene of the accident, protective walls.


In the accident on the A6, a Truck, a van and a Car burned out completely. At least two people were killed.

©Rene Priebe DPA Cologne: Walker flying cash, she believes in a Aprilscheart

As you flew in the morning, walking a 500-Euro bill against a leg, believed to be a Pensioner in the Cologne first at a April fool’s joke. Then you’ve looked around and have other bills discovered, reported the 68-Year-old later on a Cologne police station. “So it was clear to me that it was not a joke, but rather a case for the authorities”, – quotes the woman in the police report. The honest girl scout informed by phone the police and gave the officers a total of 3000 Euro in cash.

Geislingen: a 30-Year-old in the car of dog killed

The unrestrained dog has been thrown in a serious traffic accident in Geislingen (Baden-Württemberg) from the rear Bank to the front and met the driver of the small car. The 30-Year-old, after a preliminary investigation, also not wearing a seatbelt, suffered in the Crash on Saturday afternoon fatal injuries. A police spokesman said, he had on the Geislinger control of his car and lost Gains, and was head-on with an oncoming Car collided. The two occupants were slightly injured. Also, the dog came up with the horror of it, and was recovered by rescue workers slightly injured from the wreck.

Bochum: Hobby-racers lawn with a 450-horsepower cars through the City

Landgericht Berlin

Kudamm-speeder for the second Time for murder


Two young speeders condemned the city of Bochum have confused early on Sunday morning, apparently, with a race track. Up to 200 kilometres per hour, you should have more than 450 horsepower sports car at your illegal race accelerated. A Patrol stopped the Duo after several kilometers of pursuit, and took the driver’s licenses of the 27 and the 30-year-old Hobby racer. Also, the cars were ensured. The police announced on Monday, had started the men of the race through the inner city of Bochum with screeching tires, followed by several other cars overtaken, and harassed.

Stelingen: game father slaps young-Ref

Because he was with a decision of the arbitrator will agree, is charged a 48-year-old man on Saturday during a game of the C-youth of the TSV Stelingen (lower Saxony) on the square. There, he slapped the 15-year-old Referee. The had brought the goalkeeper of the guest team from the JFV Calenberger Land II for a Foul on son of the father, the Yellow card shown. Too little for the übermotivierten game father. The young referee broke off the game in the 68th. Minute. The “image” had first reported. Thus, even the summoned police officers were able to calm the man. Officials initiated a criminal case for assault.

Unna: mother is said to have killed six-year-old daughter

In a mother-child facility in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Unna came in the night to Monday, a six-year-old girl killed. As a spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office announced on Monday, was found injured the child after a fire in a room is difficult. According to the police, it died a little later in the hospital. The mother of the girl had to be brought in with severe burns in a hospital. After the initial investigations, should be included in the 39-year-old Soesterin with her daughter in the room, and then a fire. “We go to the previous status, that she has placed in suicidal intention in the closed room fire”, so the state’s attorney.

you have suicidal thoughts? Help the phone offers pastoral care. It is anonymous, free-of-charge and round-the-clock (0800) 1110111 and (0800) 1110222 accessible. A consultation via E-Mail. A list of Federal-aid stations can be found on the page of the German society for suicide prevention.

castle mountain: mountain climbers 100-Meter plunges to death

A 36-year-old climber crashed Sunday afternoon at the castle Berger Hörnle mountain in the Allgäu. The man was, apparently, a route alone on a climbing on the South ridge of the almost 1500-metre high summit, at the grünten solid on the road. According to the mountain Sonthofen he wakes up lost for unexplained reasons, the Stop and crashed about 100 meters in depth. Also climbing a witness from rose, therefore, immediately to the severely injured, and dialed the emergency call. As the rescue helicopter arrived at the scene of the incident, was said to be the climber is still responsive. In the hospital, he died a little later of his injuries.

Mannheim: a 15-Year-old abused, the perpetrators escape

A stranger has raped in the night on Sunday in Mannheim, Zeppelin Park, a 15-year-old girl. The police announced on Monday, was asked about the victims of two men to cigarettes. As you wanted to go further, it was held, and then by one of the two sexually abused. His accomplice is said to have been “dope”. As the alleged rapist of the young people desisted, and fled to the Duo. The 15-Year-old filed a police report. The perpetrators of this crime wanted. They are described as follows:

1. Perpetrator: 1,80-1,85 m tall, 18-20 years old, very slim, wearing black sweatpants, black hooded jacket, black baseball cap with white print, nose piercing

2. Perpetrator: 1,75-1,80 m tall, 18-20 years old, blue Jeans, dark jacket, including a white T-Shirt, dark baseball cap

Ettlingen: Car after accident in flames, two Dead

In case of a severe traffic accident on Sunday evening on highway 5, two people were killed. After a preliminary investigation, a 25-collided-Year-old when changing lanes with two cars. One of the two cars was thrown against a concrete sliding wall at the edge of the road and caught fire. The two as yet unidentified occupants burned in your Car. The accident was apparently under the influence of alcohol – he was seriously injured in a hospital.


police and the fire brigade inspected the completely burnt-out small cars on the A5. The two occupants burned on Sunday night in her car.

©Thomas Riedel, DPA, Hamburg: Abi-Party escalated, police grants Park

A Graduation Party with about 600 teenagers escalated on Friday evening. The “Morgenpost” reported, had agreed to meet a-level students from three schools of social networks in a public Park. The Celebration, with a lot of alcohol to peacefully joined his run – up, a group of 60 to 80, prepare part of violence, young people. Only with a large squad and some of the dogs could finish the police-the scuffles and the brawlers apart. Against 21 o’clock, the officers broke the revelry. Left a huge mountain of waste remained. About 50 students moved in on Saturday to säube to the Park from garbage rn.

sources: police press releases

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