In the search for the missing schoolgirl Rebecca the police uses sniffer dogs. On Saturday, these were used on highway 12 between Berlin and Frankfurt. These specially trained dogs were snuffling for clues. And led police officers on a country road in Fürstenwalde. “Anything to be a spokesperson have smelled the dogs,” said a police. What exactly smelled the dogs, police said. “The dogs are very good and remember, in spite of the weather, even after weeks, if anyone passed by at one point or hazards.” With a total of three dogs, so-called “Mantrailern”, were the officials. At the end of the search operation was terminated, however, without result.

Inga, Elias, and other Missing

police sniffer dogs

help Each of us leaves behind by his body odor traces. This makes the police in the search for offenders and Missing persons, and specially trained dogs, so-called piece of mantra,.

DPA Why the search for Rebecca today

to Continue the search is to be but only in the next week. The reason is the dogs, especially a police explained the spokesperson. The four-legged friends are in need of a rest.

Because the working day for the dogs is tiring: The dogs are sniffing on a piece of clothing of the Person sought, in order to make the smell familiar. In the search, you can sniff out the smell not only of objects or on the ground, but also in the air perceive. A dog leader explains to the “MDR” as the search runs: “The dog gets kept in the bag. The net keeps the nose in the bag and runs off. My Job is actually quite simple: when the dog started to walk, walking and I followed him.”

chunk of cash

detection dog sniffs out more than 250,000 euros

The difference from other dogs is that these dogs have a variety of human odors and may differ. The sense of smell of these dogs is particularly fine, you can even smell the traces of people in a moving car. This work is for the dogs tiring – hence the “piece of mantra to rest” on Sunday. If the police searched on Saturday with smell samples of Rebecca or the brother-in-law, was not known.

sources: mercury; MDR; Berliner Kurier