to the Attention of the dog stands on the bow of the small boat. Slowly, it goes forward on the Wolziger lake in the state of Brandenburg, Southeast of Berlin. Is controlled the boat by two police officers to guide the dog. His task: a corpse deep beneath the surface of the water track. Specially from North Rhine-Westphalia, advanced four policemen and two dogs to support the Berlin homicide on Monday and Tuesday in the search for of the missing schoolgirl Rebecca.

was Searched both on the shore as well as on the lake. Up to 13 meters, the water is deep. Cadaver dogs are also trained to search for Water, may even be in deeper waters successfully. During the so-called piece of mantra looking for living people, with their highly sensitive nose to their individual smell of the Orient smell, cadaver dogs smell substances arising during the decomposition.

The Training of service dogs is time-consuming

Missing 15-Year-old

search for Rebecca continues, re-Boot and sniffer dogs are used

“cadaver dogs are conditioned to smell of blood and decay processes in the different stages of view,” says police Director, Uwe Thieme, in NRW, responsible for the training in the area of the service dog being in the police. This requires a lot of education and Training. “It takes a very long time, until the dogs can be.”

Is a sought-after dead body in the water, the search other than in the forest. Useful gases created by the decomposition of human and animal body by bacteria. “The gases rise in a very, very fine consistency,” explains Thieme. “And the dogs are able to smell the putrefaction of the substances in these gases.”

For the search on the water, the dog handlers train their animals. “The dogs are on a separate boat with a storage area in the front. Then you sniff in the direction of the water,” explains Thieme. Smells the dog is trained to Smell it, it signals that, for example, by growling or Barking. On the lake, the police is limited so a certain area of a body below in the water. In the process, it also takes into account currents. Divers are then sent to the bottom of the lake or river.

water temperature and time play a role

the success of The search depends less on the depth of the water. “What matters is what rises there,” says Thieme. “The temperature of the water plays a role and the time period in which a dead body is already there.” A decay process has not yet begun or it has ended after years, can recognize the dog.


search the lake for a finished piece of mantra-expert, criticized police


About six cadaver dogs, the police in NRW, all belong to the breed of the Belgian shepherds, the technical term is Malinois. “They are very sturdy and make very, very good,” says Thieme. Stationed the dogs in the small town of Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock, to the South of Bielefeld in East Westphalia. But almost every second day, you are somewhere in North Rhine-Westphalia on the road. Looking for not the bodies only, the dogs also on the trail of injured people, possible weapon, which even blood could be sticking, or blood hidden tracks.

cadaver dogs> very reliable

In the state of Brandenburg a success but still. The police finished their search, and on the lake after the missing 15-Year-olds, as well as to the nearby motorway on Tuesday afternoon. Unfortunately, nothing had been found, said a spokeswoman. Now, the homicide would have to advise again, as it go further.

tkr/Andreas Rabenstein / DPA

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