the Moving scenes at the Mannheim main station: A dog collapsed on the platform and was subsequently rescued by volunteers. The ten-year-old Australian Shepherd, suffering from a heart disease in which fluid accumulates in the pericardium. Therefore, the animal collapsed.

The holder was trying to help his dog. Without Success. A spokesman for the professional animal rescue said the “Mannheimer Morning”, that the helpers were originally created, because passers-by assumed that the man would be the animal abuse. “The Keeper tried, obviously, but only to get his dog back on its feet,” he told the newspaper and added: “If we had not helped him, he would have died with certainty”.

The conservationists wrapped the blanket the animal directly in a Heat and notified of the “feed the anchor of Mannheim“, to the treatment of the animal.

Posted by professional animal rescue Rhein-Neckar on Sunday, 10. February 2019

animal rescuers abandoned the use of

the cost of treatment to the doctor it went to the dogs directly and on the same day, was able to take his master back home. Due to the lack of financial means of the pensioner, the animal protection Association waived the cost on their use. The professional animal rescue Rhein-Neckar writes on her Facebook page – and published photos of the use in the social network.

The appropriate Posting has spread on Facebook quickly. Within 24 hours it collected nearly 2,000 responses, was commented 260 Times and 200-Times divided.

sources: “professional animal rescue Rhein-Neckar on Facebook” / “die rheinpfalz” / “Mannheimer Morgen”


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