A Participant engages your partner to the throat, this is trying to break free. “Look, you come out of there somehow,” says self-defense instructor Wolfgang Göbes. The 49-Year-old works full-time as a police dog handler. In his spare time, he teaches Physicians and practice teams on aggressive patients can respond.

18 people for coming out on this Wednesday in Stuttgart, the commercial area, in order to have a response to the impending danger. Three and a half hours the course lasts, two-thirds are theory, at the end of a practice part. With this Time you are a Doctor, a doctor, and 16 medical assistant – all women. Reports of verbal violence that occurs every day two Times. An employee is told that a Patient is your boss was being stabbed with a knife in the belly.

courses against fisticuffs

Katja Neubauer, also a practice assistant, was attacked when they wanted to protect their apprentices. She tells you that a 65-Year-old, his Referral to a specialist immediately wanted to. When he got these, he went on the apprentice, Neubauer went in between. “He grabbed me then by the wrist and tried to pull me to the ground,” she says. When she threatened to call the police, fled the Patient. Has displayed Neubauer never ultimately be nothing Serious.

attacks on forces

“violence dramatically”: the fire brigade Union calls for police protection on new year’s eve


According to the Association of medical professionals not Doctors, but the employees are most often affected – be the first point of contact for the patient. Also the developer of the course, Angelika Böhlhoff, the main load at the medical assistants: “the front woman is the front – Most gets.” Böhlhoff designed the training courses for the Association representing free clinics. Also, the de-escalation training, the conduct of two police officers, has developed.

a Harsh tone, aggressiveness, and violence

According to a study by the Deutsches ärzteblatt from the year 2015, 91 percent of family doctors were approached in their work already aggressive. The doctors monitor 2018, the cash-medical Federal Union, according to every fourth resident doctor with experience of physical violence from patients. Exact Figures for the whole of Germany there is not – the police crime statistics indicate that practice teams do not separately as a victim type. In Baden-Württemberg, the Numbers of crimes against Doctors are at least aware of this: in 2017, there were 92 cases. In 2014, the country has one Ministry of social Affairs 62. The Problem is the high number of unreported, Armin Marx, the second instructor at the Training says.

The German medical Association, Doctors report that the aggressiveness is increasing them and other professional groups in the health sector. At the Association of medical professions, it sounds similar to: The medical assistants in doctor’s offices reports of an increasingly aggressive tone to the applications and open ruthlessness to the Team of a medical practice,” says the head of unit for medical assistants, Barbara Kronfeldner.

“respect is missing.”

Katja Neubauer, who was attacked four years ago, says: It was terrifying, what will make a Patient – merely because of a Transfer.” At that time, she worked for an orthopedic doctor in Ludwigsburg, near Stuttgart. Aggressive patients she was accustomed to – especially when it comes to verbal attacks. Meanwhile, the plump. For them, frustration is the trigger for many attacks. The Doctors are overloaded with patients, would have to wait a year on your appointment. “There are really too few specialist doctors who are established,” says the 31-Year-old.

We have an increase in Aggression and an increase in patients who are aggressive – that has not existed before,” says Katrin Stockert-Schäfer, practicing woman doctor in Pforzheim. The Patient is a guess themselves, increasingly, as an emergency, and wool, therefore, have the appointment, says the Doctor. The respect is missing,” adds her colleague, Rebecca Rapp.

Stockert-Schäfer sees a Problem in health insurance: This indicated that with the insurance card all for free. The reality, unfortunately, is another.” The people had no insight that some things just didn’t work. Another point of linguistic barriers – lack of understanding are often opportunities often led to aggression. At the end she tells you that a colleague has equipped his practice in the meantime with a Taser and a baton.

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