in The U.S. state of Alabama has brought with it the strictest abortion law in the entire United States. The Senate adopted on Tuesday by 25 votes to 6, a new regulation, according to which abortion is only allowed if the mother’s life is in danger or the fetus has an incurable disease. Even after rape or incest, women are obliged according to the law, the child to term. Doctors who abort still a fetus, threaten, therefore, up to 99 years in prison. The Republican Governor Kay Ivey has to sign the law, so that it enters into force.

In the Senate of Alabama, the Republicans have a clear majority. 27 the people’s representatives of the party of US President Donald Trump, only eight of the Democrats. Of the 27 Republicans, two voted 25 for the law – senators Tom Whatley and Jimmy Holley – have not agreed with. These are the politicians who have sanctioned the almost complete ban on abortion in Alabama in the Senate:

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in Case you haven’t noticed: The 25 politicians are all white men. 25 white, male Republicans have decided that women will in future have to unsubscribe, the babies of their rapists. Not a single woman has voted in favour of it. Anyway, there are in the Senate of Alabama, only four Senators and all belong to the opposition democratic party. One of them, Senator Vivian Davis Figures, has presented a Protest against the new law, an amendment to a vote, would make it for a man to be a crime to be sterilized, such as the US news site, “Slate” reported. This is a question of Fairness, since there is no laws, the particular men body, she explained. Her amendment was rejected.

The Quasi-ban on abortion in Alabama called in Parts of the US population, a wave of indignation. Also, the fact that the law was exclusively decided by white men, did Not go unnoticed:

“a Uterus. NOT A UTERUS.”, actress Alyssa Milano on Twitter commented on a picture of the senators.

And the former professional baseball player Brandon McCarthy tweeted: There is not a single thing in this world that could experience a man that would come the humiliation only to be legally forced to bring the Baby of your rapist to the world.”

is the hope of The critics of the new rules, that is not even in force because it speaks to a principle, the judgment of the Supreme court in 1973, abortion in the United States allows. The largest human rights organization in the United States, the American Civil Liberties Union, announced-because, already, the new law to challenge. However, this is exactly what opponents of abortion are intended, according to its own statement. After US President Donald Trump has ensured that the Supreme Court is mainly filled with conservative lawyers, they hope that the judge overturn the 46-year-old decision.

sources: The Alabama Legislature, Alabama Senate Republican Caucus, “Slate”, “AL”, “The Guardian”, Twitter,

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