60 years Ago came in the Ural Mountains of nine students under very mysterious circumstances, killed. What in the night of the 2. February 1959, happened at the Djatlow-Pass, is still unclear. It is suspected that the hikers, led by 23-year-old Igor Dajtlow, which is the later of the Pass, and the case was named, you need to cut the inside of your tent and out into the night fled. Their bodies were later found at two different locations in the mountains. The first five bodies were discovered three weeks after the inexplicable escape. The investigators suspected at the time that you froze to death on the way back to the tent.

The other four bodies were found in may 1959. Their bodies were in a hollow near a Creek, where they had to build apparently made of branches, a shelter is trying. These bodies had hitherto inexplicable injuries. In the case of Lyudmila Dubinina all the Ribs were broken, she was missing the tongue and the eyes. Semyon Zolotarjoew had a multiple rib fracture on the right side, and his tongue was missing. Nikolay Thibeaux-Brignolle had fractures, severe skull. And only Alexander Kolewatow died of hypothermia. So, at least, the official representation of the Soviet authorities, which could explain the death of the young people at that time only by a “force majeure”.


The group of students around Igor Djatlow never returned from the Urals.

©VK/Тайна Перевала Дятлова и загадка Горы Мертвецов investigators want the action replay

The unusual circumstances of the death of the Djatlow-group serve today as the basis for many horror stories and conspiracy theories. The interest in the incident, even after 60 years, so immense that the Russian authorities are now starting a new investigation. On Monday, the Prosecutor’s office of the Sverdlovsk Region, which will lead the investigation, presented their plans. There are three possible causes for the tragedy to be investigated, a state Prosecutor Andrei Kurjakow at a press conference: avalanche, cyclone, and a so-called snow Board, an avalanche, the snow detaches itself transversely along the slope, and how one Board at a time down slides.

to be able to accurately understand what happened in the ill night, is to be carried out in the second half of next March, a Reenactment of the Experiment. According to Kurjakow the investigators want to establish exactly in the same place, where once the Djatlow group, their camp was pitched, a tent, and the presumed end of the night to re-enact. You’ll have to cut open the tent from the Inside, to the stream descend, where four of the nine bodies had been found, and try to return back again the route, which had taken the second group of students, as they wanted to allegedly beat back to the tent. “The boys and girls were still alive six to eight hours after they had left the tent”, so Kurjakow. You will measure whether the victim students at this time would set back the aforementioned routes at all.

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In the tent, no traces of Foreign or signs of an avalanche were found.

Commons Prosecutor confirmed increased radio active values

in addition to the Experiment at the Djatlow-Pass to assess a psychiatric analysis of the possible behavior of the victim in normal and extreme situation. For this, psychological Profiles of the nine members of the group should report on the basis of the media, private records and eyewitness interviews to be created. Kurjakow does not exclude also an exhumation. “If the experts consider that an exhumation is necessary, we will ask the relatives for permission,” said the Prosecutor.

This would can, under certain circumstances, have at least a rumor either contradict or confirm. Family members of the victims had already said in the 60s that the corpses had a strange brown discoloration and some of them were completely grey. This suggests some effect of strong radio-activity. Would that fit on the clothing of the victims actually increased radioactive values were identified. “In the case file, there are actually records of increased levels of radiation on the clothes,” confirmed Kurjakow. “We will review everything with modern devices,” he promised, and presented to the assembled journalists of 400 pages of the original files have been kept for 60 years under lock and key.

due to the long secrecy should have been a single document. “If only a single document is classified as secret, then the entire file is confidential,” said Kurjakow. In the Djatlow case this was the command to carry out operational investigations, the secrecy has now been lifted, however. Such commands would be classified today as a secret, so the state’s attorney. This is the usual procedure.

(The document that is to be rated as a single in the Djatlow-acts as a secret.)

Only three of the 90 versions are investigated

But according to rumors it’s supposed to be a second act to the case. Kurjakow tried during the press conference, to put the speculation to an end and said that there is only a file that he kept the journalists in front of the eyes. However, to dispel the doubts, did not succeed. The journalists went into it, in the end you are left frustrated with the room, such as the Russian newspaper “Gazeta.ru” sums it up.

The new tests will create the good also be of no avail. Because instead of the 90 versions of the events that are included according to the office of the public Prosecutor in the files, only three re-examined. “We have fought for years to ensure that the investigation be resumed,” said about Wjacheslaw Karelin the news portal “Mayaksbor.ru”. He himself had participated in 1959 at another Ski Tour in the Northern Urals. “But now I am outraged and amazed at the fact that only three theories, all of which are associated with natural disasters: avalanche, snow Board, and cyclone.” Because these theories were already in 1959, is practically excluded, because in the area of the accident night was not a storm of the meteorological services to have been recorded ist and an avalanche would not have left the tent in place.

The fact that the Prosecutor excludes now any involvement of state bodies in the case or even a criminal crime, is likely to fuel the speculation again.

Many believe that a rocket to blow

A theory that has many followers, is no, a Rocket hit. Shortly after the press conference of the Prosecutor’s office Valentin Yakimenko spoke up. He was one of 1959, the Search party had searched for the missing students. He is convinced that the Djatlow group has been the victim of a technical accident, and claims that it is the young people even managed, a shining object just 100 feet away to photograph. “There were several shots that have not seen the investigators at the time or aware of on-the-spot left. They showed an object that had the shape of a bright spot in the seemingly a kind of fluid delivery,” he said. Yakimenko thinks that it must be the object is a missile or an airplane.

witness reports to support his statement. Several people reported that they have observed that night, in fact, a bright spot in the sky that they could not explain.

nuclear disaster 30 years ago

He is 90 years old and has the Chernobyl death zone

By Ellen Ivits

leave The theory of a rocket proposal also represents Peter Bartholomej, a friend of the deceased Igor Djatlow and doctor of technical Sciences. At a press conference in Yekaterinburg, he said that the launch of a ballistic missile could have caused the tragedy. He is based on a book of the Russian military. “A task of special state importance. From the history of the emergence of nuclear missiles and strategic missile forces,” reads the title. The book contains data on Soviet missile technology and their testing in the years between 1945 and 1959.

“we have been told that there was at the beginning of February [1959] no rocket launches”, as quoted by the news Agency Ria Bartholomej. “And suddenly, a book appears that is documented on 1204 pages, all of the missile launches this time. There we found a note on a missile launch from Kapustin Jar, this had to be an emergency break on 2. February 6 o’clock in the morning. The tragedy could not have carry-in of the night, as we think, but early in the morning.” Kapustin Yar is a former Soviet and now Russian missile test site in the vicinity of Volgograd. It was created in 1947, and was until the completion of Baikonur in 1957, the Soviet test site for ballistic missiles and is located about 2000 kilometers from Djatlow Pass.

No theory is complete

However, this theory has weaknesses. A Rocket hit would explain the broken Ribs and skull fractures on the victim, but not the missing eyes and tongue. Supporters of this Version of events suggests, however, that the students would have been able to be eliminated after you have observed a secret military experiment. A lot of Russians, who trust that experience according to their government, and the military all are inclined to believe that. Or at least think that the authorities and secret services are involved in the case.

there are Always new theories emerge. But none is able to completely all strange to explain to the realities of the Case. The mystery of what really happened that day remains unsolved. The new studies, which remain limited in such a way that will bring not a light into the darkness.