In the dispute over the construction of the Russian-German gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 warns Moscow against new hurdles. Previously, the EU States had agreed on a compromise, after the above Changes to the EU Gas Directive, stricter requirements for the project decided.

“If the project obstacles, to force Russia Gas through Ukraine to its terms and conditions, to pump up their Rates and uncertainties in legal things, then fold this number is likely to be,” said Deputy foreign Minister Alexander Pankin, the news Agency Ria Novosti, according to without a country.

At the same time, he assured that Russia will continue to supply Gas through Ukraine. “Yes, we are ready to support the Ukrainian Transit will continue, but under the terms we need.” So far deserved such countries as Ukraine and Poland a lot of money with management fees.

With Nord Stream 2 to a year can be up to 55 billion cubic meters of natural gas from Russia to third countries such as the Ukraine or Poland over the Baltic sea to Germany, will be transported. Critics of Nord Stream 2 argue that the line is reinforcing the energy dependency of Europe from Russia.

On Friday, had agreed to the EU member States on a compromise that allows for the construction of. Therefore, Changes to the EU Gas Directive, although more stringent requirements may be adopted for the multi-billion project. At the same time, but it should be ensured that the completion of the 1200-kilometre long pipeline is not compromised. Nord Stream 2 is controlled by the Russian state monopolist Gazprom.

The Russian Deputy foreign Minister called Gazprom a “pretty reliable suppliers,” the consumer in Europe. Therefore, the line should be built to the end.