The history of the Europe-party tags to the Left, in Bonn, when the party’s left wing for displeasure. “This was a politically cored Congress of the party”, said the Bundestag member Alexander Neu, the German press Agency.

“With so little profile, it will be hard the raison d’être. Since the greens and the SPD.” New defense expert of the left faction and is a member of the North Rhine-Westphalian state Association, is deemed to be very on the left.

The fundamentalists of the Left were on Saturday at the party conference on the Euro-elections on 26 October. The project failed, the criticism of the EU in election programme. Amendments to the issues of Venezuela or Russia were not treated due to time reasons. Some of the delegates were outraged to respond.

“I would have liked us to show more edge and we do not brake, go with the half in the election campaign,” stressed Newly. “The Left has only one Chance, if you really shows the left profile.”

Left-boss Bernd Riexinger was for the European elections at least ten percent of the votes as a goal. “In the European elections, we want a two-digit result,” he said of the dpa. The Left was “part of a movement for a better Europe”. With its top candidate Martin Schirdewan, and Özlem Alev Demirel, the party put to use a new Generation, the live in Europe of course. Nevertheless, the two did not want to remain in the Status Quo, but to be credible a policy change.

The Left had adopted its program for the European election on Saturday by a large majority. The Commission calls for fundamental reforms of the EU and exerts sharp criticism, the community of States but not generally in question. Schirdewan and Demirel were chosen, each with about 84 percent to the leading Duo. In the 2014 European elections, the Left received 7.4 percent of the votes.