Berlin (dpa) – Left party leader Dietmar Bartsch has given thoughts about a possible merger of his party with the SPD a cancellation.

“There is no need and requirement to discuss such a topic,” said Bartsch of the German press Agency. Advertising, however, is that the Left and the SPD, where it was politically possible, worked more closely together.

the Background is a report of the editorial network Germany (RND). As a result, the former SPD leader and later a co-founder and Chairman of the party of the Left, Oskar Lafontaine speaks for both parties and represents this Position in internal discussions for quite some time. This was confirmed by the RND in the environment of the 75-Year-old.

Cited in the report of the long-standing Lafontaine-Familiar, Heinz Bierbaum. Lafontaine regret as a former SPD leader, in what the SPD was. Therefore, such Considerations would be very close to him.

The former left party leader Klaus Ernst said, the
social Democrats should first set your course, and
be truly social-democratic. “Then
could, and you would have to think again about whether it makes sense to have two parties in the same spectrum.”

The Co-Chairman of the Left in the Bundestag, Sahra wagenknecht, it looks similar to your colleague, Dietmar Bartsch. She said the RND, currently, a merger debate, bring nothing. You could add the current poll numbers of both parties is also simple. To view Wagenknecht no success of the project would, under the circumstances, “sure”.