Mesut özil’s football shirt photo with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had in the past year, both in sports coverage, as well as in politics, for a scandal. The a criticized Özil for not politically sufficient position, while others were of the opinion that it was not his duty.

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Mesut Özil invites Recep Tayyip Erdogan as a guest of honour to be criticised for his wedding

Sawsan Chebli Mesut Özil for dealing with Erdogan

Özil himself complained after the world Cup in Russia racism in the DFB and resigned from the national team. Now the FC-Arsenal player has met once again with President Erdogan. At the airport in Istanbul, he and his fiancée, the Model Amine Gülse, the Turkish President should have invited to your wedding. Allegedly, Erdogan should be in the summer, even the best man. This was reported by the Turkish newspaper “Hürriyet”. The reactions in Germany to the reunion are very clear.


Sawsan Chebli criticised Mesut Ozil on Twitter

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On Twitter, SPD politician and Secretary of state Sawsan Chebli criticized the athletes in focus. And Chebli brings its own conflict to the issue. “Got Özil defended at the time. His sentence: ‘I’m a German, if we win, but an Immigrant, if we lose, hit me so hard,” she writes. “What’s he doing now, is disappointing. He is a role model for millions of young people. Think it’s irresponsible,” the 40-Year-old.

Mesut Özil is silent on the subject of

After Mesut özil’s football shirt retirement from the national team had written Chebli, whose parents are from Palestine on Twitter: “the fact That Özil is an indictment for our country. Will we ever belong? My doubts are increasing day by day. May I tell the Secretary of state? What I feel is anyway. And that hurts.”

Mesut Özil himself has not commented yet on the Reports. Also, his fiancée, Amine Gülse, is silent.

source : Twitter