Chile mourns the death of one of their singers more international, Lucho Gatica, the king of the bolero, who has died the afternoon of this Tuesday, at the age of 90 in Mexico City, where he lived for more than half a century. “Have a nice trip! I love you,” he wrote in his account of Instagram its son, the mexican actor Luis Gatica, next to the image of a black ribbon.

Chile, where he was born the singer the 11 of August, 1928, has decree a day of official mourning . The cause of his death is unknown for now, but his death shook the Latin american countries, where his fame spread from the mid-TWENTIETH century, thanks to interpretations of the bolero, the History of a love, The clock, with You in the distance or The boat.

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Good trip! I love you…

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“My deepest condolences to the family and friends of Lucho Gatica, recognized with the Order of merit, artistic and cultural Pablo Neruda 2012, who with his enormous talent conquered the world’s greatest stages, leaving an indelible mark on a musical genre,” noted the Chilean Government, through the minister of Culture, Consuelo Valdes.

In his 70-year career, he participated in 15 films and recorded 13 studio albums. The last in 2013, at the age of 85. I titled the Story of a love and versionaba some big hits with duets with Miguel Bosé (Taste of me), Michael Bublé (maybe, Maybe) or Laura Pausini (Story of a love). Lucho Gatica was a legend in Latin america and it was Mexico his second home, because from that country internationalized his career. “It was a challenge to go to sing boleros to Mexico, the homeland of the best boleristas, but I had a lot of faith in my work and I came out victorious,” said Gatica in 1990. “In recent years, the popular taste has opted more for ballads than for the boleros,” reflected the singer. “But in the background is the same: the ballad is a continuation of the bolero, remain as romantic”.

Born as Luis Enrique Gatica Silva in Rancagua (about 100 kilometers from Santiago de Chile), at the age of 13 he began singing with his brother in this town. In adolescence she moved to the capital to finish their secondary studies, he soon abandoned for music. In 1946, at 18 years of age, sang You, where are you in the radio program The fair of the wishes, of the Spanish Raúl Matas, who pushed his first professional recording at the end of the decade. Thanks to his voice, and Chile put aside its tradition of tango, and was inclined towards the bolero, even though the singer left the country in 1957, when he moved to Mexico after a tour of Latin america.

Gatica obtained a first success in the fifties in Brazil, with a song titled Sincerity and also their successes in conquering Spain, but his fame even crossed the borders in Latin america. The producer and distributor of american cinema, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer invited him to several parties that he organized and attended by big celebrities of the time such as Elvis Presley or Nat King Cole. Since 2008, the artist had a star with your name on the Walk of fame of Hollywood.