About a month after the recovery of the body of the little Julen from a well shaft in the vicinity of Malaga a new document in Spain for about two weeks.

the report States that it is not the fall of the two-year-old, but the use of the rescue forces for the death of the child could be responsible. The lawyers of the Finca owner, on whose land the accident happened, would submit to this Thesis now, the competent judge, reported the newspaper “El País”. The husband is the Only one in the case is determined.

the document has been Submitted by the architects Jesús María Flores, who had already been criticised in the past for the rescue operation. At the time, had distanced himself in the chamber of architects to the public of Flores’ statements.

Julen had fallen in mid-January in the village of Totalán in a more than 100 meters deep, illegally dug bore hole. His body was found two weeks later, in 70 meters depth, after the helpers in the arduous work, had drilled a parallel shaft. According to the brief published report of the autopsy, the Boy died on the day of the accident, to serious injuries to the head: Thus, Rock that fell from the top of the child down, and the skull injuries, caused during the fall.

The new report tries to show, however, that Julen could have come through the use of the rescue forces with a pickaxe to death. On the day of the disaster had been attempted between 17.30 and 21.00, with a total of ten strokes, to loosen the earth in order to Julen, quoted in “El País” from the document. The Boy had been taken, apparently, in the head.

“This is the Only thing that could cause physical injuries to the head and skull of the Minors”, it said. Corroborated this Thesis by the fact that in the pickaxe, eight hairs of the child, some had even been discovered yet with root.

Against the Finca owner is being investigated for negligent homicide. He is accused of, to have the in search of water-dug shaft not secured. The man denied it always, and stresses that he had covered the hole with two concrete blocks.