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Deutsche Bank sweeps of solid Bodies (17.19 PM) Malta not to open its port for the German rescue ship (17.06 PM)Iran: Keep to Limit uranium enrichment (9.15 PM), the German rescue vessel “Alan Kurdi” travels to Malta (7.58 PM)Seehofer calls Salvini on the Opening of the ports (17.17 PM)

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+++ 17.19 at: Deutsche Bank sweeps up to 18,000 Points +++

Deutsche Bank sweeps in the course of their comprehensive group restructuring can be around 18,000 Places. By 2022, the workforce will drop to about 74,000 full-time jobs, announced the Dax-listed company to a Supervisory Board meeting on Sunday in Frankfurt.

+++ 17.06 PM: Malta wants to have all of the migrants from the “Alan Kurdi” on Land +++

Malta has declared that it is willing to let all of the 65 migrants on Board of the German rescue vessel “Alan Kurdi” in the country. People would immediately spread to other European countries, informed the authorities of Malta on Sunday after talks with the EU Commission and Germany.

+++ 16.42 PM: Deutsche Bank decides extensive realignment +++

The German Bank with an extensive reorientation on the way. The group tag will cost until the end of 2022 is expected to be 7.4 billion euros, informed of the Dax-listed company to a Supervisory Board meeting on Sunday in Frankfurt. To job cuts, the Bank did not comment initially.

+++ 15.46 PM: Boeing loses the first 737-Max-customers at Airbus +++

The aircraft manufacturer Boeing has lost after the start of prohibition for his Mittelstreckenjet 737 Max the first customers to the European rival Airbus. The saudi Arabian low-cost airline Flyadeal want to in the future with a pure Airbus fleet, as he announced on Sunday in Jeddah. The company is not going to fit your existing contract for up to 50 Jets in the 737-Max series, confirmed the US group Boeing. You wish the Airline all the best, it said in a message.

Flyadeal now wants to use instead, between 30 and 50 machines from the competitive model of the Airbus A320neo. The parent company of Flyadeal, the airline company Saudi Arabian Airlines, had signed on the world’s largest aviation trade show in Paris in June, a major contract with Airbus under. In the process, but was not yet become public, that the group intends to use a portion of the machine at the time of Flyadeal and the Airline waived in exchange for the acceptance of the Boeing Jets.

+++ 15.14 PM: Germany is deeply concerned about the nuclear agreement +++

The Federal government is deeply concerned about the new Iranian violation of the requirements of the nuclear agreement. Germany and the other remaining Partner of the 2015 agreement have repeatedly appealed to Iran not to take any further measures that the nuclear agreement to undermine further, said a spokesman for the foreign office on Sunday. He was responding to the announcement from Tehran, to exceed the allowed upper limit for the enrichment of uranium immediately. “We call on Iran to pressure all the steps to set up and undo,” said the spokesperson of the Federal foreign office more.

Germany is standing with the other partners to the agreement – Russia, China, France, the United Kingdom – in close contact to advise on measures to be taken. May be, the dispute shall be convened by the Commission.

+++ 13.55: Kühnert candidacy does not exclude, as the SPD leader +++

Juso-chief Kevin Kühnert, such a possible candidacy for the SPD chair. He had not yet decided, he said on the sidelines of a Congress of the SPD youth organization in Munich. “This is now not the issue that drives me particularly.” In politics he find “Ausschließerei” silly, in the end, it is the case of a anyway on the feet. The current staff debate in his party, he welcomed. “All of this provides for a direction of the debate in the party.”

+++ 12.25 PM: Malta closes its port for the German rescue vessel “Alan Kurdi” +++

Maltese authorities have said the rescue ship “Alan Kurdi” with dozens of migrants on Board, in the Harbor of the island. “You have no permission, in Maltese territorial waters to penetrate,” said an army spokesman in an interview with the German press Agency. The ship of the organization Sea-Eye had been saved according to their own statements 65 migrants in international waters off Libya a boat.

The organization has not lost hope, however: “We are sure that Malta will provide us with a safe Harbor, when Germany and other EU offer States people. We expect that Malta will not be left alone,” said the Sea-Eye-spokeswoman Carlotta Female.

+++ 11.56 PM: security expert on Iran: There is still a diplomatic Chance +++

In the struggle for the rescue of the nuclear agreement with Iran, there is in the opinion of the security expert Wolfgang Ischinger opportunities. “There is a diplomatic maneuvering space, which is not yet fully realised,” said Ischinger, the news portal “”. The head of the Munich security conference recommends that the remaining partners to the agreement with Iran – Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany – the matter to the chief thing should make. It is particularly important that Russia and China were committed to the rescue of the Deals of 2015.

+++ 9.15 PM: Iran: no longer Hold us to Limit uranium enrichment +++

Iran has declared that he no longer feels tied to the in the Vienna nuclear deal allowed Limit uranium enrichment. “As of today, we do not hold ourselves to the 3.67% and our uranium enrichment is increased depending on the demand,” said government spokesman Ali Rabei. The limiting of uranium enrichment to a maximum of 3.67% is one of the Central edition of the 2015 in Vienna concluded an agreement with Iran on the construction of a nuclear bomb prevented should be.

Iran will raise the enrichment of uranium, according to the technical requirements on 5 to 20 percent, said the spokesman for the Iranian atomic energy organization, Behrus Kamalwandi, at a joint press conference with Rabei and Vice Minister of foreign Affairs Abbas Araghchi. Currently, there is still no instructions for enrichment to 20 percent for the medical reactor in Tehran, said Kamalwandi. the

+++ 7.58 PM: the German rescue vessel “Alan Kurdi” going to Malta +++

The German rescue vessel “Alan Kurdi” with 65 Rescued on Board, taken after long hours of Waiting in front of the Italian island of Lampedusa course in Malta. The auxiliary organization Sea wrote-Eye from Regensbof the LDA on Twitter. Previously, the ship had waited in vain for the permission to enter the port. Italy’s interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, was strictly forbidden. the

“Alan Kurdi”

German rescue ship does not control for the time being, Italy Salvini prohibits entry

The German rescue vessel “Alan Kurdi” with 65 migrants on Board is not for the time being, control of Italy. Italy’s Minister of the interior, Salvini had a driveway by decree. Germany has offered parts of the migrants to be incorporated.


+++ 5.44 PM: media: German while mountain climbing in Austria killed +++

A 55-year-old German came while mountain climbing in the Tyrol, killed. The man was on Saturday with another German in the stone lake area in the Lechtal Alps, the Austrian news Agency APA reported. The 55-Year-old was prior increased, and from previously unknown causes crashed. He was kept from his 46-year-old climbing partner and stayed in the safety rope hanging. The 46-Year-old have immediately issued an emergency call. The two climbers had been rescued by the rescue forces. In the case of the 55-Year-old was found according to the APA, however, only death. The Prosecutor’s office in Innsbruck have arranged a post-mortem examination.

+++ 4.50 PM: a rape case in Mallorca: Two suspects in custody +++

In connection with the allegation of a gang rape in Mallorca a court in Palma has arranged for two of the four arrested suspects German custody without bail. Two other Suspects were released after the court decision from the Saturday evening free, as the newspaper “Diario de Mallorca” reported.


German to have raped 18-Year-old Mallorca – arrest three people have been killed at the Airport

AFP +++ 2.52 PM: Three Dead in car accident in the state of Baden-Württemberg +++

In the case of a serious car accident in the state of Baden-Württemberg – including a child. “The paramedics provided more car occupants were seriously injured,” said a spokesman for the police. Came to the accident as two cars on the road between Villingen and Schwenningen frontal thrust. Paramedics, firefighters and police went on a late Saturday night with a large posse out to the crash site. “The exact circumstances of the collision we can say at this hour for nothing,” said the spokesman.

news from Saturday, 6. July

+++ 21.52 PM: Bossa-Nova legend João Gilberto, according to the family +++

The world-famous Brazilian musician João Gilberto died has died at the age of 88 years. This was informed by his family on Saturday at Facebook. Gilberto is considered one of the fathers of Bossa Nova.

+++ 20:49 PM: Board of Directors of the AfD in North Rhine-Westphalia occurs up to three members back +++

After a fierce in the direction of dispute the Co-Chairman of the North Rhine-Westphalian AfD Soaps, Helmut, with a large part of the twelve-person Board resigned. The second Chairman Thomas skirts man and two other Board members to remain for the time being in office. A number of requests to opt out of this three guide members not reached at the extraordinary Congress of the party in Warburg the necessary two-thirds majority. Ensure that the escalated fighting between the moderate current Soaps and skirts, man, Björn Höcke is considered to be a sympathizer of the “wing” of the Thuringian law on the outside. Of the approximately 5300 members of the largest AfD-Landesverband now has only a three-man Hull lead. The next regular party Congress to the end of the year. Then the entire Board needs to be re-elected.

+++ 19.39 PM: Salvini responds Seehofer: ports +++

to remain tight In the dispute, and the reception of migrants has rejected Italy’s interior Minister Matteo Salvini, the requirement of Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer after the Opening of the Italian ports for the rescue ships. “The Federal government asks me to open the Italian ports to the ships? Absolutely not,” he said on Saturday. “We are calling on Merkel’s government to withdraw the ships to the German flag, the human traffickers and smugglers to help, and their citizens, the respect of the Italian laws, to bring back,” added the right-wing populist politicians.

Seehofer had asked Salvini previously, to end the ongoing crisis of the rescue ships in the Mediterranean sea. “We can’t justify that ships with rescued people on Board for weeks, drifting in the Mediterranean sea, because you can’t find a port,” wrote Seehofer on Saturday in a letter to Salvini.

+++ 18.34 PM: thousands of people demonstrate in Leipzig for a tolerance of +++

More than 7500 people have demonstrated to the operator-information on Saturday in Leipzig against racism and exclusion. Had called the Alliance #indivisible, which is supported by 300 trade unions, welfare associations, Clubs and individuals. The Alliance had initially expected 5000 participants. “Our expectations have been exceeded,” said spokesman Felix Müller. The police wanted to make is no information on the number of participants.

+++ 17: 32: Italian rescue ship in the port of Lampedusa +++

The rescue ship “Alex”, the Italian aid organisation Mediterranea is run on Saturday in spite of the Minister of the interior Matteo Salvini imposed a ban in the port of Lampedusa in. The images of the news channel SkyTG24 was to see how the motor glider was on a Pier of the port of the Italian island in the Mediterranean sea. Whether the Rescued were allowed to go ashore, was initially unclear.

Previously, had declared Mediterranea in the face of an intolerable described the health and hygiene situation on Board the “state of emergency”. The Italian government had asked the organization previously, with the rescue ship in Malta to drive. The elfstündige trip was too long and dangerous, said Mediterranea. According to the organization, nearly 60 people were on Board, of whom 41 were Rescued. Was admitted to the ship only for 18 people.

+++ 17.17 PM: Seehofer Salvini calls for the Opening of the ports to +++

the German interior Minister, Horst Seehofer (CSU) has invited his Italian colleague Matteo Salvini to finish the duration of the crisis, the rescue ships in the Mediterranean sea. “We can’t justify that ships with rescued people on Board for weeks, drifting in the Mediterranean sea, because you can’t find a port,” wrote Seehofer on Saturday in a letter to Salvini. Therefore, rescue cases for the current Distress, rapid European solutions are a shared responsibility nötig. “I therefore appeal urgently to you, that you will reconsider their attitude to the Italian ports are not open,” added Seehofer.

Because of the shared European responsibility “, and our common Christian values” could make, in individual cases, no difference, by what Organisation of migrants from the Mediterranean sea were rescued, where the crew originates and under which flag the ship sails.

+++ 16.41 watch: thousands demonstrate nationwide for Maritime search and rescue in the Mediterranean +++

in solidarity with the distress rescuers in the Mediterranean sea have nationwide demonstrated to thousands of people for the rights of castaways and Refugees. Called to the actions on Saturday, the organization had a pier. Many gathered in Hamburg: according to police, around 3000. Sören Moje, a machinist from the rescue vessel “Sea Watch 3”, urged at a rally in Oldenburg, lower Saxony, a stronger Engagement of German cities to the recording of rescued refugees from distress at sea. Moje was only returned a few days ago from Italy, after the Italian authorities had placed the ship under the command of the German captain Carola Missiles fixed.

+++ 16.21 watch: U.S. soccer Star Megan Rapinoe fit for the world Cup final +++

the defending champion United States can rely in the final of the soccer women’s world Cup against the Netherlands on Sunday (17 clock) in Lyon again and their star player Megan Rapinoe. The offensive player that was on Friday, the 34-year-old, overcome by his own admission, your muscle injury in the thigh. “I feel fit. As of today, I can play in the finals and am very much looking forward,” said Rapinoe on Saturday at the final press conference of the U.S. team at the Stade de Lyon.

Rapinoe had missed the 3:0 against England won the semi-final last Tuesday because of a thigh injury. Before final opponents the Netherlands Rapinoe and U.S. coach Jill Ellis showed a lot of respect. “They are the European Champions. It is a very strong Team with great quality,” said Rapinoe, and Ellis added: “The Netherlands play very disciplined, very well organized. I expect a very tight Match.”

+++ 15.30: Unesco recognizes the Augsburg water management System as world heritage +++

The Unesco, the water management System in Augsburg (Bavaria) has been recognized as a world heritage site. The Committee took the historic water system that was once founded by the Romans, at its meeting in Azerbaijan in the list of values to heritage is to protect the world.

+++ 14.45: Unesco recognizes the mining region of the ore mountains as a world heritage site +++

The Unesco has recognised the mining region of the ore mountains as a world heritage site. The Committee took the historic mining area in Saxony and Bohemia in the Czech Republic on Saturday at its meeting in Azerbaijan in the list of values, heritage of the world to protect.

+++ 13.08 PM: rape case: Another German on Mallorca arrested +++

In connection with the allegation of a gang rape in Mallorca has been taken on the island another German festival. The Suspect had been arrested on Friday in Cala Rajada, said a spokesman for the police unit of the Guardia Civil. A total of four suspects German had been presented so that in the Morning the judge. All were accused of “sexual Aggression”, said the spokesperson.

On the photos to see how the young men off in handcuffs from a vehicle of the Guardia Civil and the police in the court building will be conducted. The age and exact place of origin of the Suspects, the spokesman could not provide information. German media reports that you are from Hessen to come, were not confirmed by the authorities first.


German 18-Year-old on Mallorca raped – arrest at the Airport

Several German tourists are just before their departure at the airport of Palma de Mallorca has been arrested. An 18-Year-old had filed a complaint against the men. The Accusation Of Group Rape.

AFP +++ 12.46 PM: the Bremen SPD party Congress agreed to for Red-Green-Red +++

The Bremen SPD approved the coalition agreement for a red-green-red government in your state by a large majority. The delegates voted at an extraordinary party Congress with a huge majority and no no votes for the design. There were only four abstentions.

+++ 12.11 PM: Prior to mitigation: First, patients from the Frankfurt restricted zone, + + +

In Frankfurt have begun preparations for the defusing of a 500-pound bomb from the Second world war. According to the fire Department and the first residents from a nursing home were relocated in the planned evacuation area. Helper brought, among other things, 25 coma patients in other care homes and hospitals. “The relocation is run smoothly,” said a fire Department spokesman.

+++ 11.47 PM: a painter Eberhard Havekost is dead +++

The painter Eberhard Havekost is dead. He died on Friday in Berlin at the age of 52 years, said his gallerist Frank Lehmann in Dresden. “I am deeply shocked, his death came so suddenly,” said Lehmann. Havekost’ve still had so many plans.

+++ 10.09 PM: 83-year-old hikers from Bavaria, dies in Austria +++

A 83-year-old hiker in the Bavarian town of Lindau is killed in an accident in Austria fatal. As the police reported, crashed the man from the summit of the southern Schafgafalls 200 meters deep over mostly vertical terrain. The 83-Year-old had been traveling in a group. While the other hikers climbed the Northern Schafgafall in the Brandnertal in Vorarlberg, the 83-Year-old alone to the other summit. As he had not appeared at the agreed meeting point, alarm the friends of the forces. The Missing person was found dead in a steep rocky gully.

+++ 9.52 PM: Brazilian police find illegal grave with twelve dead bodies +++

Brazilian police officers found during a RAID near Rio de Janeiro on Friday an illegal grave with twelve bodies. The discovery had been made in the city of Itaborai, during an operation against the gang “Curicica”, police said. “We have found twelve partially decayed corpses and bones.” 43 people had been detained, including lawyers and fighters of the para-militia and their leader, Orlando Oliveira de Araújo.

The gang was “responsible for several cases of murder, torture, extortion, and disappearances,” said the police. Alone since January of last year, Curicica committed “” according to the police, at least 50 murders. “Many of the victims are missing,” said the police. By extortion, and their control over transport, telephone and Internallyetdienste in the Region, the group have taken around 500,000 Real (around 116,000 euros) in the month.

+++ 8.45: USA call for 12.6 billion dollars of “El Chapo” +++

US Federal prosecutors demand that the convicted Mexican drug boss Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, the sum of 12.6 billion dollars. The lawyers have stated, this is a conservative estimate of the sum that had to take Guzmán out of the drug-related crime. You make “El Chapo” for the sale of more than 500,000 kilos of cocaine, worth 11.8 billion dollars in the United States, would add marijuana and Heroin to the value of several hundred million dollars.

Jeffrey Lichtman, one of guzmán’s lawyers, said, according to CNN before the court that this was a “largely academic Exercise”, because the government never identified a single Cent of this sum, which was alleged to have been of the Guzmán achieved. Another advocate of the drug bosses, Mariel Colon, is quoted by CNN saying: “It is crazy to believe that Guzman has all the money.”

+++ 8.25 PM: last evacuation on the troop exercise area Lübtheen canceled +++

On the edge of a large forest fire area on a former military training ground at Lübtheen, in Mecklenburg-allowed to return Western Pomerania all the inhabitants in their houses. Also the evacuation of Alt Jabel was repealed, such as the district of Ludwigslust-Parchim announced on its website. Since last Sunday, four towns with a total of about 650 inhabitants had been evacuated. The fire could be pushed back by the forces to a distance of 1000 meters on the outskirts.

+++ 7.54 PM: the Governor of the Turkish Central Bank released +++

The Governor of the Turkish Central Bank has been released. In a presidential decree published Saturday in the official journal, it is said, Murat Cetinkaya, to be replaced by his former Deputy, Murat Uysal. A reason for the dismissal of the since April of 2016 President Cetinkaya was not called.

+++ 7.33 PM: New strong earthquake in southern California +++

The South of California has once again been a violent earthquake shook. According to the earthquake-USGS Friday evening (local time) wait the quake had a magnitude of 7.1. The epicenter was 17 km northeast of the small town of Ridgecrest. It was the same Region two days previously, the earth had quaked.

+++ 6.18 PM: heat wave in Alaska ensures temperature records in the US-North +++

The northernmost U.S. state of Alaska for its glaciers and rather cool temperatures, but now the Region with heat records headlines. In numerous Places in the South of Alaska, the maximum values had been measured, informed the U.S. weather authority on Twitter. A temperature record on Thursday at the airport of Anchorage, where the Thermometer climbed to 32.2 degrees Celsius. This was well above the previous peak of 29.4 degrees Celsius, of the on 14. June 1969 was measured in the largest city in Alaska since records began in 1952.

+++ 4.14 PM: Another refugee ship on collision course with Salvini +++

The German rescue vessel “Alan Kurdi” with 65 migrants on Board to the Italian island of Lampedusa. Italy’s Minister of the interior, Salvini wants to let the cutter do not create. But the rescuers see the law on their side.

“Alan Kurdi”

German rescue ship does not control for the time being, Italy Salvini prohibits entry

The German rescue vessel “Alan Kurdi” with 65 migrants on Board is not for the time being, control of Italy. Italy’s Minister of the interior, Salvini had a driveway by decree. Germany has offered parts of the migrants to be incorporated.

DPA +++ 2.55 PM: Eight poles, due to human trafficking in the UK +++

sentenced The British judiciary has sentenced the members of a Polish tractor gang to prison terms of between three and eleven years. The eight defendants have been spoken for trafficking in human beings, money laundering and conspiracy to forced labour is guilty, as the prosecution announced after the completion of the processes. The Convicts had brought hundreds of homeless and drug addicts from Poland to the UK, where they are forced to barely-paid work in dirty accommodation were hidden.

+++ 1.48 PM: report: 13 civilians in air raids in Syria killed +++

In the case of air attacks on Syria’s last major rebel territory around the city of Idlib, 13 people have been killed by militants, according to. The Syrian Observatory for human rights reported that planes and helicopters of the government would have bombed in the North-West of the civil war country village. Among the fatalities seven children and three women. Several people were injured.

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