With the help of cosmic light fire Polish researchers have mapped the milky way very accurately. The three-dimensional map confirms the bent shape of our home galaxy, which was also noticed in other studies already.

the Team reported to Dorota Skowron from Warsaw University in the US journal “Science”. “Our map shows that the disk of the milky way is flat. She is bent and twisted,” explained Co-author Przemek Mroz in an accompanying video. “For the first Time, we can show the individual objects in three dimensions.”

to determine The exact structure of our home galaxy is difficult because we can’t look from the outside on you. The Team Skowron certain, therefore, the Position and distance of 2431 so-called Cepheids-stars in the milky way. The are can young the Giant, the 100 to 10,000 Times as bright as our own sun and, therefore, often across the whole galaxy, are visible.

These stars have one thing in common: they pulse very regularly in a clock, the abbhängt of their respective brightness. On the basis of the individual measure the absolute brightness of a Cepheid, one can therefore determine. From the comparison with its apparent brightness in the earthly Firmament, the distance of this cosmic beacon results in each case.

to minimize the influence of dust, the star absorbs light, studied the astronomers at the infrared light of the stars, which is hardly absorbed. From the positions and distances of the observed Cepheids-stars, the researchers combined a map of the galactic disk in the outer districts of the milky way. It shows that the disk of our galaxy is about to be bent from the half way from the center to the edge on one side slightly upwards, and on the opposite side to the bottom. The also had other examinations, such as the Gas, dust, and other stars already. These observations, however, have been limited, and the resulting maps of our galaxy, therefore, restricted, stressed “Science”.

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