fight against the Rock, fighting against the clock: Regardless of the dwindling chances of Survival have forces in Spain, desperate to be paved on Tuesday a road in the direction of the included infant Julen. After the completion of the rescue shaft, which runs parallel to the well hole, and hoped for the men to reach the two-year-old in the course of Wednesday finally. This is the tenth day after the last sign of life.

on Tuesday, mine workers in the lower end of the shaft with the construction of an approximately four-metre-long connection to the place of the child in 70 to 80 meters of depth is wanted to start suspected. The media reported citing the helpers on the hard-to-reach accident site in Totalán, close to the Andalusian of Málaga.

experts do not give hope for

Many experts were also on Tuesday, the hope is that the Small live can be salvaged. You get “at a record pace” and need a “last effort to Julen out of there,” said interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska in front of journalists. The delegate of the Central government in Andalusia, Alfonso Rodriguez Gomez de Celis, emphasized in a comparable case of emergency, have “given the world”. Until Wednesday, you’ll mountains the child. He said, “a happy ending.”

rescue in Spain

helpers fear for two years in the 110-Meter-deep shaft – you want a Tunnel to the child dig


The mine workers, who were specially dispatched from the Northern coal region of Asturias, had to dig the last piece, the horizontal Tunnel, with the muscle force. They would try to fight with picks and shovels, possibly also with smaller explosions and compressed air hammers through the rock, said the spokesman of the forces Ángel García Vidal. The construction engineer expects this to work with a total of 20 to 24 hours.

Due to limited space, only two workers will be left to the authorities, according to the information at the same time with a special on a crane-mounted capsule, in the a total of 80 meters deep, parallel to the shaft. The connection is only is 1,00 meters wide and 1.20 meters high, so that the “buddy” must be lying, or at best work if kneeling.

On Tuesday entered, and new problems

Previously, but were still attached to the walls of a vertical rescue hole with metal pipes and helps to prevent landslides and to prevent and to ensure the safety of the workers. However, the rescuers found on Tuesday on the new problems. It was necessary to drill the vertical shaft in its lower part a broad, reported the newspaper “El País”, referring to the helpers on site. How long this might take, was not initially in sight.

The shaft, in the Julen at 13. January was like a trip with his parents, is 107 meters deep, has a diameter of only 25 to 30 centimeters. According to media reports, he had been illegally drilled in search of water.

The rescuers hope to be able to the child at a depth of 70 to 80 meters. In the case of camera shots, a bag of candy was discovered in the shaft in a well 70 meters deep, the Julen had. Loose earth are prevented, but a deeper Penetration with the camera. Signs of life of the child.

During the drilling of the Parallel-shaft had been initially a platform for the stabilization of the drill in such a depth of 20 metres is appropriate. In order to reach the target depth of 80 meters, were drilled to Monday night, in arduous, 55 hours of work a further 60 meters in the extremely hard Rock.

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