The bull fight in Majorca, despite fierce protests from animal a controversial, but successful, Comeback, conservationists celebrated.

At the first “Corrida de Toros” after two years of forced break, the tribunes of the 11,600 spectators barrel were Arena in Palma late on Friday evening long before the beginning of the event are well filled. Free places there were hardly any.

in Front of the Arena “Coliseo Balear” gathered meanwhile, about 400 people two hours before the start of the event, to protest loudly against the bloody spectacle. They beat on pots and chanted Slogans such as: “Mallorca kills, Mallorca protects animals!” Before the tills formed during the long queues of people who wanted to get hold of cards.

the return of The Toreros on the island was made possible by the Spanish constitutional court. By the end of 2018, the judge in Madrid overturned Parts of a Balearic law from the year 2017, which had been brought by the left in regional government and, among other things, the injury or killing of the bulls said among. This ban was lifted.

The reasoning of the judges was Because of the bullfight 2013 had been declared national cultural heritage could only decide on the state of such bans. The individual regions are not permitted to take thus own such decisions.

Some of the decisions of 2017 to apply to Majorca continues. For example, minors were not allowed on Friday in the Arena. It is also a alcohol was banned. And the bulls need to be examined prior to their use by the blood sample on Doping and a sedative. The police will monitor compliance with this and other regulations, informed the city Council on Thursday.

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