vaccinations against influenza should be according to the plans of the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) in the future to a limited extent, also in pharmacies.

health insurance should be able to agree with pharmacists, the regional model projects for up to five years. This provides for a design of the Ministry, which is present the German press Agency. Impfpersonal in pharmacies will need to be trained by Doctors, it is also suitable rooms and the necessary equipment must be available. In addition, the design of facilities for the chronically Ill and medical supplies by Messenger.

Spahn had already brought some time ago for additional duties for pharmacies to talking to to protect an area-wide presence on the ground. Due to full of practice rooms are also vaccinations to be waiting for it to imagine, he said, when Apothekertag in the autumn. The declared aim is now to increase the immunization Coverage in the population. The medical training and vaccination should convey the knowledge about how to with any Symptoms. The pilot projects will be scientifically evaluated.

From the German doctors Association, criticism came. It is out of the question that pharmacists have important skills, said Chairman Ulrich Weigeldt. “The Vaccination of patients isn’t one of them, however, and clearly belongs in the doctor’s practice.” While flu vaccines are usually well tolerated, side effects with allergic reactions but can never be excluded completely. Vaccination should therefore take place always there, where if necessary, medical treatment is possible. Delays in flu vaccinations are also due to waiting times in practices, but on regional supply shortages in the case of vaccines, said Weigeldt.

The draft bill of the Ministry provides for in addition, further new regulations, in order to strengthen the presence of pharmacies and offers for the customer expand. So cash patients with severe chronic diseases in the future, from the doctor prescription to get that you a drug up to three times in the pharmacy you can pick – up to one year after Issue of the recipe. This is also intended to relieve the Doctors.

it is designated to facilitate pharmacies and the Expansion of delivery-Messengers Offered. You should not only be in individual cases, but on a regular basis. In the case of prescription drugs, pharmaceutical staff should have to accept the delivery if no prescription is in the pharmacy. Patient must present the prescription, then, at the latest, when you get the drug, you should also be advised. Advice should also be “in the way of telecommunications from the pharmacy”. Vending machines where you can buy drugs directly, outside of pharmacies is prohibited.

the additional remuneration of the statutory and private health insurance companies for pharmacies of around 200 million euros in the year are Provided in the draft also. This includes € 40 million more for emergency services, and night services. The Federal Union of German associations of Pharmacists (ABDA) welcomed the draft, since the direction of the voice. The law offers the opportunity to improve the supply really. In the embodiment, the additional pharmaceutical services to a number of questions are still open.