the vote for The Brexit agreement in London under the house will decide the fate of Britain – is quite clear. In the case of the Labour members, Tulip Siddiq, this choice is also influenced by the personal family happiness: The 36-year-old Labour politician has been postponed due to the Brexit vote on Tuesday evening with the birth of your baby.

The child should be actually 15 am. January by caesarean section. Siddiq, who represents the London constituency of Hampstead & Kilburn, but will necessarily vote against the Prime Minister Theresa May-negotiated-Brexit Deal. The Baby will see, therefore, two days later than planned in the light of the world.

Instead of in the delivery room, so it’s this Tuesday to the lower house: Then the pregnant Siddiq from her husband Chris in a wheelchair to the vote of the slide, as you told the “Evening Standard”. “Even if my son is born one day later than by the Doctors, the light of the world is recommended, but this is a world with better opportunities for a solid relationship between the UK and Europe, then it is worth fighting for”, she is quoted as saying in the newspaper.

vote in the British Parliament

May need to go to a Brexit approval trepidation

Brexit vote instead of birth-not quite safe

Siddiq, the niece of Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, with their decision, a risk, because the pregnancy has been difficult. Therefore, the date for the caesarean section would have to be actually observed. Because of their gestational diabetes, your recommended by Doctors according to the “Evening Standard”, your Baby is already in the 37. To bring week, to the world – either this Monday or this Tuesday. The original appointment of the 4 would be. February been.

And now came the Brexit vote between them. The Royal Free Hospital the postponement of the birth is true, according to the report, in the meantime, after a preparatory treatment last weekend. Siddiq was, however, aware of the fact that you are taking a risk. “I’m doing it against the advice of the Doctors,” she told the newspaper. Also the first pregnancy Siddiqs with daughter Azalea was complicated. The Little one is now two years old.

For such cases, there is actually a rule in the house of

Anyway, there should be no need to move because of a vote in Parliament, a birth. Because there is, according to the “Evening Standard” a rule in the British Parliament, not to appear that heavily pregnant, sick members or those with newborn children votes. The solution is then simply a member of the opposing party also remains the choice of distance, so that the results of the election on the whole is not affected by the absence of politicians. But in July 2018, according to the newspaper, reported this rule was broken when a vote is taken. Therefore, the Labour MPs no longer trust this practice, and is determined, this Tuesday, even at the Brexit vote.

source: “Evening Standard”