Fans celebrated Slipknot on the weekend, Tool, The BossHoss, and many other artists from Heavy Metal, Rock, and Hip Hop. It was drunk at the Rock am Ring 2019 loudly sang, danced and, of course,. A number of interested not for the pledge, they threw their bottles of innocent on the ground – unlike the 37-year-old Duisburg Cem.

Cem visited each year, the Rock am Ring Festival. Together with his mother, he collects every year the money from the floor, he revealed to RTL. With a truck he drove to the site and filled him to the brim with empties.

Up to 23,000 Euro Deposit at the Rock am Ring


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In the first year of Cem around 23,000 euros would have been collected in pledge, he told the TV station. Over the years, it would have been less, because he would have had more competition. At this year’s Rock am Ring Cem got after three Drove around 3000 Euro. How much he collected together at the end, was at the time of the TV report is still unclear.

The tax-free amount is 8472 Euro, which is about 290 bottles of beer per day. A lot of that can afford the least pledge collectors. In the case of Festival collectors the looks, however, different. Cem would have to pay tax on his income, he told the station.

In the neighboring supermarket, he must agree to submit an appointment. “We know approximately how much the cans brought and can then plan how much time the employee needs and how much money needs to be there for the customers, said the owner, compared to RTL.

sources: “RTL”, “The West”