the German interior Minister, Horst Seehofer (CSU) has justified the deportation of the alleged helper of the Berlin Christmas market, would-be assassin Anis Amri. The Tunisian Bilel Ben Ammar had been classified in the December 2016 as a threat and enforceable required to leave the country have been, said Seehofer in Berlin. At the same time his release have stood out from the prison for other reasons. Therefore, he could understand the decision at the time, Ben Ammar Tunisia to deport.

in Addition, two interviews with Ben Ammars would not result in any points for that, “he said to further clarify the plot would have been able to contribute or want,” Seehofer. Through the investigation of the attack in December 2016, with twelve dead, the evidence could not be provided, that Ben Ammar was involved in the fact, Amris, “so that on the basis of which a further imprisonment was not legally possible,” it says in one of Seehofer report submitted to the process.

What is the role of Ben Ammar anise and Amris played?

Seehofer admitted that he knew the whereabouts of Ben Ammars “at the moment”. But he said that he informed the investigating Committee that his house will try this “in any Form” under the support and with the resources available to make Ben Ammar.

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Seehofer language of a report, according to which Ben Ammar deported, because he should be protected as an Informant for the Moroccan secret service and law enforcement. Neither the constitutional protection nor the Federal intelligence service (BND), or the Federal criminal police office (BKA) were findings that the Tunisians “have worked for or with” the Moroccan intelligence service, said the interior Minister.

He also rejected the representation of the “Focus”, according to Ben Ammar is to be seen on a video recording from the Day, as he proposes a market visitors a two-by-four to the head. This was a recording that didn’t make a private company from a greater distance, to remove, said Seehofer. Due to the quality of the video and the distance from which it was made, we could not identify any individuals. The Video was submitted according to Seehofer, the Committee of inquiry, the BKA, in addition to an evaluation notice in November 2018.

The threat Ben Ammar was, according to the Federal Ministry of the interior since the 14th century. January 2017 have been enforceable required to leave the country. The competent foreigners authority in Saxony had been obliged this requirement to leave the country. “Room for a consideration it was for the competent Federal state of Saxony”, says Seehofer’s report. The deportation of the man was made “in agreement” with the law enforcement authorities, said Seehofer. Accordingly, the Federal Ministry of the interior supported the efforts to get a substitute passport papers for a Ben Ammar in Tunisia.

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