A wide majority has voted in the Folketing, the Danish Parliament, that the construction of the “artificial” hymen in women should be banned. Of the 179 members 103 voted for the ban, votes against, there were no, for example by abstention or Absence vote . The bill was introduced by the Danish Minister of health, Ellen Trane Nørby, the right-liberal government in Copenhagen.

According to the Minister so the myth in strong Patriarchal structures the fact that women bleed after their first intercourse to be able to her virginity prove. “It’s supposed to help women in oppressed situations and social control,” to quote the Danish media, the Minister of health. “It is a term that contributes to a medieval way to create an image of women as innocent beings who may have prior to your marriage, no Sex.”

disagreement over a law to hymen

In Denmark, there are only a few clinics, which will be reconstructed interventions, in which the Torn hymen, Hymen called again. However, it is not known how many women get their hymen restored. According to the women’s rights organization Terres De Femmes, the demand for such operations increases due to an increased social pressure.

In Danish trade circles, there is disagreement about the ban. The Danish society of obstetrics and gynecology, told the news Agency Ritzau that it is against a ban: “We help women with a ban. You will find a different place to go see, if a ban comes into force.” The Danish society for public health, however, is the same. The Danish Association of midwives supported the proposal.

Sex study

when we lose our virginity?

Some of the families insist on virginity

The Hymen hides and skins consists of a flexible mucus. Cracks in it before and after sexual intercourse to occur. Cracks are therefore not necessarily a sign that the woman had Sex. Nor is it certain that women bleed after the first intercourse.

In families with strong Patriarchal structures is the virginity of women is of high importance to the honor of the family. Some families request therefore after the wedding night, a bloody bed sheet as proof of innocence. Particularly in Islam, virginity is of high importance, as these may be lost according to the Koran, only in a marriage. A torn Hymen is a sign of extra-marital Sex was a serious sin in the Islamic Faith. However, the woman is as long as innocent until the contrary is proved. No one is allowed to question why and how the young were remote cuticles ripped. According to Terres des Femmes will, nevertheless, exercised great pressure on women to be Virginal.

is the cuticle, The construction of “artificial” virgin according to the Danish society for public health, a “small surgical intervention” that, when executed by a doctor, only a little risk.

According to the government’s violations of the new law with a fine of around 1300 Euro will be punished. It should take effect by July 2019.

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