The Opposition has launched in the US Congress, a massive investigation against President Donald Trump. The ranges of the Russia-contacts in the election campaign of 2016, on suspicion of obstruction of Justice, up to the possible abuse of the President for private business interests, as the Democrats controlled the judiciary Committee of the house of representatives on Monday (local time) announced.

the Power of The Memos

notes from the Emergency: Wants to protect themselves Trumps environment in front of him?

In the context of the investigation requested by way of the powerful panel, according to its Chairman, Jerry Nadler already documents from 81 organizations and individuals. Including the Trump group and the White house are the President’s sons Donald junior and Eric, son-in-law, his son and adviser, Jared Kushner, as well as his personal attorney, Jay Sekulow.

Donald Trump speaks of “political fraud”

Trump described the investigation as a “political fraud”, but announced at the same time, his cooperation. “I’m cooperating all the time with anyone,” he said. The President stressed once again that there had been no illegal collusion with Moscow in the election campaign.

The Democrats had replaced to the beginning of the year Trumps the Republicans as the majority party in the house of representatives. They took also the Chairman posts in the committees. Parallel to the judicial Committee, three other committees of the Congress of the chamber, increased the pressure on the President. They called on the chief of staff in the White house, Mick Mulvaney, as well as foreign Minister Mike Pompeo, you with detailed information regarding the communication between Trump and the Russian head of state Vladimir Putin.

interpreter allegedly notes

removed the chairmen of The committees for intelligence Affairs, for foreign Affairs, as well as for supervision over the government responded to media reports that Trump several times the Details of his exchange with Putin to conceal the fact. After his Meeting with the Russian President in Helsinki last July, he even took away the interpreter of the U.S. foreign your notes.

Burst summit

How Donald Trump once almost everything is done correctly would have

Niels Kruse

Should apply to these allegations, they would cause “deep concern” regarding the national security, explained the three Committee chairmen. This was particularly the case in view of the fact that Russia is trying to interfere more in US elections.

On the way to a “Impeachment”?

by The Democrat-led research could possibly pave the way for an impeachment (“Impeachment”) to Trump. However, the Head of the Democrats in the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi has spoken, yet very cautious of a possible “Impeachment”.

their concern is that impeachment could mobilise procedure Trumps base in the presidential campaign in 2020. For the removal of the President from office by a two-thirds majority in the Senate would also be required, where the Republicans remain in the majority.

the work of the special investigator Mueller Supplement

Nadler said, with the investigation by the judiciary Committee of the Trump threat to the rule of law should be met. The President’s attack on an almost daily basis the “basic statutory, ethical and constitutional rules and standards”.

The panel intends to Supplement its Chairman, according to his Investigation, the work of the special investigator Robert Mueller. This is examined in may 2017, among other things, the Russia-contacts of the Trump team in the election campaign, and possible future Attempts by the President to torpedo the investigation activities. It is generally assumed in Washington that Mueller’s investigations are drawing to an end.

Also, relations with Russia, a topic

the fields of the Nadler-led investigation also include possible business relationships with the Trump group to Russia. Furthermore, the hush money payments during the election campaign of 2016, two alleged previous sexual partners should be taken inside Trumps – the pornstar Stormy Daniels, and the former Playboy Model Karen McDougal-under the magnifying glass.

trump’s Ex-lawyer Michael Cohen had said last week in Congress that Trump had been arranged for these payments and after he took office, more in the efforts to cover-up involved. Cohen had been convicted, among other things, because of this hush money in December to three years in prison; the court had assessed the payments as illegal campaign financing.

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