The Democrats ‘ increase in the US Congress, the pressure on US President Donald Trump, and demand officially of the disclosure of his tax returns for the past years.

the Chairman of The Finance and tax Committee in the U.S. house of representatives, the Democrat, Richard Neal wrote on Wednesday (local time) to the US tax authority, the IRS, and requested formally, the tax returns of Trump and several of his companies for tax years 2013 to 2018. Information and Details about possible tax audits should be included. As the deadline for the publication of Neal called the 10. April.

Trump has been published – contrary to the usual practices in the United States, his tax returns so far, never. Usually, the presidential candidates do during the election campaign. As the reason for his resignation Trump said his tax returns were very complicated and people will not understand you. His opponents speculate, however, that the former construction tycoon might have to hide a Lot.

As a response to the Letter from the Congress Trump said Wednesday in Washington that there is long-running tax audits of his finances. As long as these are in progress, said that he was inclined, his tax declarations to disclose.

The Democrats, who have since the beginning of the year, the majority in the house of representatives, and now want to enforce, but the tax authority, the IRS, the gift of the documents. Whether the authority is the US Department of the Treasury, the descendants, is open.

The democratic representative Dan Kildee, who sits in the Finance and tax Committee, told the TV channel CNN, the tax authority is legally obliged to provide requested documents. He expected that the authority will consider the law and the tax declarations.

The move falls in line with the General efforts of the Democrats, their new strength in the house of representatives to play, and to examine Trumps activities in more detail. The Democrat-dominated judiciary Committee of the house of representatives on Wednesday voted by a majority for the complete submission of the reporting by Russia-special investigator Robert Mueller.

Mueller was almost followed up for two years, the question of whether there was in the case of the alleged Russian Attempt to influence the presidential election in 2016, the collusion between Moscow and Trumps choice of fight camp. Recently, Mueller had finished his work, and a confidential report to Minister of justice, William Barr passed. So far, only one of Barr is composed of four page summary known.

it States, Mueller had been unable to find any evidence for a cooperation of the Trump camp in the election campaign of 2016, with the Russian Authorities. On the question of whether Trump had made the justice-influence guilty, as he dismissed FBI chief James Comey did not specify in the special investigator. Barr in turn came to the conclusion that there had been no obstruction by Trump.

The Democrats don’t want to give up but with a short summary and an Interpretation of the Minister of justice satisfied. They demand the surrender of the entire report to the Congress – without significant Redactions.

With the decision of the panel can be forced to the Ministry of justice according to the judicial Committee-Chairman Jerry Nadler to the submission of the report. However, the Ministry should have the opportunity to reconsider its previous position. With the decision the submission of Material should be of several people from the Trump environment are enforced, including his former communications Director, Hope Hicks.

The Trump in the middle of the Mueller investigation, appointed Minister of justice, Barr had declared that he wanted to present to the Mueller report about the middle of April. Some passages had to be blacked out for legal reasons. The Democrats, but that is not enough.

Trump had declared that he considered Mueller’s report as a “complete discharge” of all the allegations against him in connection with Russia. He accused the Democrats, they were obsessed with it, to pin anything on him, and let nothing satisfy.

The democratic Deputy Kildee assured, the thrust of the taxes have nothing to do with the dispute over the release of the Mueller report.