From A as All the Weis Selberg (chief financial officer of the Trump Organization) on N as the NRA (gun lobby) to W as Wikileaks (disclosure platform): 81 persons, companies and institutions these days have got Mail from the judiciary Committee of the U.S. house of representatives. Content: the request for information to Russia-contacts, dealing with Personal and business interests, and Meeting in the Oval Office, the Democrats have begun to launch their own investigations against President Donald Trump.

All of Donald Trumps of the world

The responsible persons, are the “Who of Who of trump world” (Vanity Fair): the President’s sons Donald Junior and Eric, son-in-law, his son and adviser, Jared Kushner, his personal attorney Jay Sekulow, his Ex-spokesman, Sean Spicer, the already convicted Ex-Familiar, Michael Cohen, and George Papadopoulos, as well as the former members of the government, Michael Flynn, Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions. the chief of staff in the White house and the justice Department be asked to furnish the information. You don’t have to Please, the members of the right, as witnesses to subpoena.

Every cover Letter begins with the same words: “The judiciary Committee of the house of representatives is investigating acts that threaten the long-term legal foundations of our Nation, including the charges of obstruction of Justice, corruption and other abuse of power. As part of this investigation, I would ask you to 18. March in the Annex, explained in detail the documents handed over.” In the course of the letter, Jerrold Nadler, Committee Chairman, is in no doubt that he and his colleagues are concerned about the allegations made by the US President and his Team. It was a difficult time for our Nation, – said in the letter.

Manafort must take to 13 aspects

The Letter enclosed “request catalogs” to include the total range of investigations: from the Russia affair, on suspicion of obstruction of Justice, up to the possible abuse of the President for private business interests. Paul Manafort, for example, Trumps asked a short time campaign Manager and, currently, due to various Connections to Moscow before the court, is to take the 13 different aspects.

So he should, among other things, “all documents” to submit to:

Possible pardon of his former self, Michael Flynn, and Michael Cohen.Every credit financial transaction or a capital investment by the Russian Federation, every Russian citizen, the Russian companies or other Russian entities of the Trump organization, trump Tower, Moscow, or other planned real estate projects in the Russian Federation by Donald Trump or the Trump Organization from 1. January 2015 up to today.All contacts, directly or indirectly, from the 1. January 2015 to 20. January 2017 between the Russian Federation and their Official, agents, intermediaries and/or representatives of Donald Trump, Trump’s campaign team, the Trump Organization, Rick Gates, Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn, Jeff Sessions, Jared Kushner (…).

that’s the way it goes on and on – the lists of documents to be submitted relating to sometimes only a few aspects, sometimes fill several pages. The gun lobby NRA, for example, is asked to obtain five points, while Donald Trump Jr. four pages to execute. In principle applies: The closer the witnesses are the President, the more work comes to you in the next two weeks.

‘t Wait for the Mueller report

when the survey is evaluated, it is not yet in sight. Not that people volunteer information, and how many may be forced to pre-load issue. In addition, it is expected in the U.S. daily, the US special investigator Bob Mueller will present its investigation report on the Russia-affair – whose findings, if they are made public must be reconciled with the statements of the witnesses.


“a racist, a phony and a fraud” – Ex-Prosecutor charged Donald Trump

the consequences of the judiciary Committee’s investigation are not yet foreseeable. You may could pave the way for an impeachment (“Impeachment”) to Trump. However, the Head of the Democrats in the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi has spoken, yet very cautious of a possible “Impeachment”. They feared that impeachment could mobilise procedure Trumps base in the presidential campaign in 2020. Committee chief Nadler said the investigation should meet the of Trump the threat posed to the rule of law. The President’s attack on an almost daily basis the “basic statutory, ethical and constitutional rules and standards”.

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