US democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson has been disgraced with a photo montage on her Instagram Account belonging. The author of the spiritual best-sellers like “The return of love” or “The planet to heal” has applied a fundraiser for her election campaign. The only Problem is that it was as the sorceress Melisandre, a character from the “Game of Thrones”universe. Melisandre is powerful; and as a servant of an obscure Religion (it serves the lords of light), your own goals, but she is also ruthless and a child murderer. In short: As a model for a U.S. presidential candidate is not necessarily.

Marianne Williamson is started as the outsider in the electoral battle for the democratic presidential nomination. Meanwhile, the writer but with their radical, left-wing demands. Her appearance in the TV-debate of the democratic candidates a few days ago, has been widely praised, despite, or perhaps because of their claims. So you want to. about a further Expansion of the statutory health insurance Medicare, which was introduced by President Barack Obama It also intends to expand the protection of the environment massively, compensation to African Americans for the slavery numbers and attacked US, President of the Trump because of its migration policy violently.

invitation to mockery

The dubious photo montage is, of course, a perfect template for the scoffers in the social media, the questions, which maintains a self-image Williamson actually. As a Twitter User writes ironically: “Williamson 2020. I want to burn children.”

another User asks whether now is the time your campaign was, “to sacrifice a child”.

Fierce attacks

TV debate of the US Democrats: The favorite is Joe had Biden completely different

Migration, health, presented, Equal treatment – in the previous Top-favorite Joe Biden was in the TV debate, the Democrats in the U.S. pre-election campaign multiple times under considerable pressure. But Biden fought back.


And this User is surprised by the statement made by Williamson with the photo montage: “she says she’s requested a centuries-old priestess of a fire God, the child victim? After that, it looks…”

This user delivers shots as a campaign event, Williamson’s might look like.

However, doesn’t seem to bother Williamson, the criticism. The image is more on your Instagram Account. Because there are not only critics, thousands of supporters praising you for the idea. 21,000 Times Williamson has received over as the red sorceress. A supporter wrote: “I’m going to choose because of the picture.”

sources: “watson”, “Politico”

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