in The morning, Frank Behrens* put on his Anorak, baseball cap in place and set out on the road, because the street railway would have cost to the job center of the hall, which he has. At least not for this. The 32-Year-old has two sons, a solid apprenticeship as a metal fine agent. Just a Job he is not, although all searches in the Region’s labour force: Amazon, Ebay, DHL, cleaning companies, wax guards, Metal industry.

The economy is booming, even in the hall. Why not for Frank Behrens? And not for 5,6 millions of Hartz IV recipients in Germany? Behrens is particularly interested in the first question. What the politicians call in Berlin, and the plan is for him to be very far away. Here, life is concrete. For him, it leads to this February morning in a 18-storey high-rise building, the job centre – about linoleum floors, he enters an office on the second floor.

From the citizens to the needy in the Jobcenter

Sven Pfeuffer has him here. He wants to know why Behrens get so difficult to define, work. His last Job he had a year ago, again only for a few months. In the ten years since he has completed his training, he worked once in the camp, time at the discounters and in-between support. Dozens of applications he has written, but without lasting success. Here, Behrens has everything, what employers want, says at least Sven Pfeuffer: training, driver’s license, car.

Pfeuffer, 34, is an intermediary in the hall, one of the ten largest job centre in the country. A strong man with a fine truncated whiskers. As part of his training once to report themselves to be unemployed. He remembers well the woman who met him at the time, snippy, and with a little respect. He had a lump in my throat. And on that day vowed never to be like this fellow. About 17 years ago; and an Overdose of practice is often not good for the principles. But Pfeuffer has remained loyal.


The Jobcenter Halle/Saale is located in the housing district of the village of Neustadt

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The shirt hangs over the pants, the job center plate it attaches itself only rarely. His wife, with the help of which he pulls a small son in their own home is great, also works in the job centre. She was his Intern. He says that he can talk to.

people like Behrens and Pfeuffer, the dispute over Hartz IV, at least if you are not deducting the usual Tactics and profiling, without the policy works. The one is one of the millions of Hartz IV recipients, the other to the 95.000 Jobcenter employees. For both of them to change much, according to the SPD. The party wants to Hartz IV, the largest project of its last Chancellor, Gerhard Schröder, behind.

The Reform, named after the Ex-VW Manager and Schroeder-Advisor Peter Hartz, has led 14 years ago to someone who loses his job, it was much faster than before, for petitioners. At the time, abolished unemployment assistance secured over many years of claims, depending on the previously achieved salary. Who was once in the labour market, could trust that he would not crash to the bottom. But since the Reform there instead of unemployment and social assistance unemployment benefit II for A year – for the Older a little longer – save the unemployment money I a part of the old salary. After that, a Needy is from the citizens.

SPD calls for: More money and less penalties

that’s not fair, my critics have now in the SPD has the upper hand. You talk a lot of respect; to meet the people at eye-level. A little you also have in your head that the sad survey could have do values of the party that has dealt with their own clientele poorly.


proposals for reform

Hartz 4.1 or a real Relaunch of the welfare state? The SPD-concept Check

By Daniel Wüstenberg

But now wants to make it the SPD is different. The unemployment benefit I is no longer flowing, the help receiver will get the right to education, children have a special reason for the backup, job seekers, less penalties for negligence. Are planning to a basic pension and a minimum wage of twelve dollars. The Weak should feel comfortable in the SPD. The Union, with which the SPD governed, sees this as an imposition, the Prime Minister of Hesse, Volker Bouffier, even the “burial of the social market economy”.

Whether Behrens followed the Hartz debate? Nope. Nothing changes yet. This Jens Spahn, the research Minister of health of the CDU, which upsets him. Does not know how it is, when the washing machine is broken and the money for the repair is missing, or if the sons want to have a new jacket. Holiday? Behrens does not know. Abroad? Also, do not. His parents have taken him to Berlin. That was’s. 1300 euros, his family, 100 euros more a Job would be good, better.

The SPD plans would be Behrens’ change location. Instead of Hartz IV, he would get a “citizens ‘ money”, which sounds better, but for the he could not buy, because the rule sets are not to rise. Would help the children basic security, because then the children would no longer be offset against the money with the support. But that costs a lot of money, 30 billion euros, and nobody knows where the grow is to.

intermediary insists on its own initiative,

Sven Pfeuffer has read prior to the interview, a little about Frank Behrens. He wants to make himself a picture. He likes people, not files. He carefully, what would be the perfect job asks. Stock? Production? Metal processing?

Behrens talks a little, the voice is silent. Stock is not so, more of a Metal production, the automotive industry is not difficult at Porsche, he came clear with the screw-in devices. Pfeuffer turns the Monitor so that Behrens is reading this. He shows offers. Times Behrens neon signs to assemble, time sheets for the winter edit, gardens, drilling, milling,. Actually, there are many possibilities, but so far, Behrens got mainly Rejections. Whether it is in the documents? Pfeuffer praises the resume, the cover Letter. Everything tip-top. What is the response of the companies?

Behrens would have to say something now. Calls reports of his Dig. He’s not but. Hardly anyone would have reported, he says. Whether the company calls? Nope. Nö? You realize how it works in Sven Pfeuffer. Behrens must do something, be active. Pfeuffers voice remains friendly. He has to call. In the companies, something is often lost. A printer chatters. Pfeuffer tacked together the papers. In the case of four companies to apply to Behrens and record what will become of it. 26. March 9 PM, he sits back here.

Sven Pfeuffer since 2001, when the Federal Agency concernedeut for years targeted hard-to-Place, Older, Single parents, the Disadvantaged. He knows a lot of fates. But Behrens he is not smart. He could give him a training, what should he do according to the will of the SPD soon and often. However, it would be useful? A course in the welder will cost up to € 16,000, Pfeuffer would probably have to find a company that Behrens then stops. And if it fires him after two years?

All he sees some well-intentioned measure to be skeptical. In January, the job centre is planning the Figures for the year, and the intermediaries in the autumn under the guidelines, to look for you after the participants for the courses. Almost each of the 22.900 unemployment in the hall was sitting therefore in a course, women will like to put the digital supermarket checkout near, men of the forklift. The only costs 450 Euro.

Hartz IV, can be more convenient to go to work

Sven Pfeuffer for a smoke. He goes to the balcony. On an opposite houses advertise lawyers with assistance in the case of Hartz IV, The sun, the Ensemble of the plate submerged buildings in a warm light. In the homes of many of Pfeuffers non-life customers, there are also many Cleaning workers work. However, the company is not able to fill a number of Jobs, also due to Hartz IV.