Venezuela army, according to defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López fully loyal behind the head of state, Nicolás Maduro.

The military has only a President, was quoted by the daily newspaper “El Nactional” the Minister. It will accept neither a puppet government orders of any foreign government or Power, said López Padrino, in a speech on Tuesday (local time). He added: “Only over our dead bodies.” Said the blocked relief supplies from neighboring countries, the Minister, the military, to be vigilant, so that the border will not be violated.

For more than a week in Colombia-to-Venezuela ready to stand at the border trucks with relief goods. The Venezuelan military does not leave you at the behest of Maduro to the country. Maduro considers the humanitarian help as a pretext for a military Intervention. U.S. President Donald Trump called on Venezuela’s armed forces on Monday to let the goods pass. He threatened the military, it will lose everything, if it’s Maduro more support.

In Venezuela, the country with the largest oil reserves in the world, has raged for weeks, a power struggle between the Opposition and the socialist government. Parliament chief Juan Guaidó said on 23. January self to the interim President, and Maduro challenged so openly. Many countries, including the United States and Germany, have recognized him as the legitimate transitional head of state. The EU has imposed sanctions against Familiar Maduros. Maduro may be based, among others, Russia, China, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Turkey.

The support of the military in the struggle for power is crucial. Guaidó appealed again and again to the armed forces, to open the borders and relief supplies. Soldiers who refuse to Maduro the command, and the restoration of the democratic order help, says the Opposition-controlled Parliament impunity.

Venezuela has agreements closed voting according to media reports, the air and sea to the Dutch Caribbean Islands Curaçao, Aruba and Bonaire. Between the South American state and the so-called ABC-Islands flights and ships are likely to ply is more, among others, reported the daily newspaper “El Universal” on Tuesday. Also Curaçao was recently in conversation, to be a hub for relief supplies for Venezuela. Maduro has not commented on the closure of the border.

On the next to Venezuela is the island of Curacao, which belongs to the Dutch Antilles, fled, also, so far, around 15 000 people from Venezuela, as people appreciate rights organizations. Curaçao is located about 80 kilometers from Venezuela and is an Autonomous country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The Cuban government rejected meanwhile, trump’s accusation, to have the military in Venezuela stationed. The accusation was despicable, said Cuba’s foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez on Tuesday (local time) in Havana. The United States would have to present Evidence. “Our government rejects this slander in its strongest and strictest Form,” said Rodríguez. Trump had called Maduro on Monday during a speech in Miami as a “Cuban puppet” and said the island state had the military in Venezuela.

The Cuban foreign Minister, stated that US military planes had the airspace of several Caribbean States, thwarted, without informing their governments. The relief supplies would be taken as a pretext for military action against the head of state, Maduro.