Angela Merkel’s meeting If US President Donald Trump and the Chancellor to each other, the atmosphere is usually chilly. This principle obviously applies not only to Politics, but also for the current weather situation. However, this word game could be for drivers less funny. The must be expected in Parts of Germany with ice.

Because the hurricane deep “Donald” is on the way. The weather front flows from the North-West across the North Atlantic. In the Baltic sea region and in Lapland it makes for warm temperatures. The High – “Angela” by contrast, in southern Europe for a very cold Run. The high-pressure zone was initially on Ireland, from drifting, but to the southwest. The air mass boundary between the two areas runs directly over Germany.

Along a climatic limit of ice occurs on the

North of the border, it can be on Friday in Germany, up to seven degrees. However, along a climatic border, motorists must reckon with the vagaries of the weather: Along a band that runs from the Saarland, over the mountains to the Lausitz, rain, freezing, and black ice on the roads. An animation of the German weather service shows the development until Saturday morning.

That, of all things, the names of Angela and Donald encounter is pure coincidence. The name of the godfather of the Deep, “Donald”, ARD-weather expert Donald Baker, the namesake for the High – “Angela” is Angela Wojtkowski.