In the coalition dispute over the arms export ban to Saudi Arabia, before a decision immediately.

According to a report by the editorial network Germany (RND) will consider on Wednesday in the Chancellery of the secret meeting Federal security Council, the head of government, Angela Merkel (CDU) and several of her Ministers are members. The panel would advise on the handling of already-approved European community projects, which are blocked due to the German export stops. The German press Agency has confirmed.

According to information of the RND is the SPD prepared, the full Blockade lift, and those exports are for community projects, not to allow, in which the share of German components exceeds, depending on the total volume of 10 to 20 percent. Thus the ban on Exports of disgruntled French and British allies would be appeased.

The SPD have been calling for an extension of the Export ban to a year and a half. The Union has criticised this definition because of the foreign policy implications of sharp. The coalition partners have set themselves a deadline of Sunday to come to an agreement in the dispute.

Already in the coalition contract, the CDU and the SPD had agreed on the Insistence of the social Democrats to an export stop for all “directly” on the Yemen-war States involved. This formulation was coined in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, have intervened on the side of the Yemeni government military in the civil war against the Iranian-supported Houthi rebels.

In the coalition agreement but were left behind the doors for pre-approved exports open. These were closed in Saudi Arabia after the killing of the Saudi government critic Jamal Khashoggi. The Journalist was killed in November in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul.

The complete export stop for Saudi Arabia, was initially for two months, was then extended at the beginning of January for a further two months and at the beginning of March, once again, to three weeks. Now the coalition has a deadline until 31. March for a further decision.

On Wednesday, first to participate, the French foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian at the Cabinet meeting. In the debate it is probably also the dispute about the arms export policy. On Tuesday, the French Ambassador, Anne had accused-Marie DescĂ´tes, the government in Berlin, to threaten the European cooperation in this area is massive.

“The issue of arms exports is treated in Germany is often considered primarily as a domestic political issue, it has serious consequences for our bilateral cooperation in the defence sector and for the strengthening of European sovereignty,” criticized you in a discussion paper for the Federal Academy for security policy.

“The unpredictability of the German policy” in the case of exports of military equipment not only affects the Yemen war involved States, such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, but also India, Indonesia or Niger. “This reinforces the impression that the German export control system is not restrictive, but unpredictable,” was the diplomat.