The parish of our lady in Trier wants to get the city money for the combustion of a warlock. Attempts of the city administration, the payments were so far in vain – the Church insists on payment of the 362 euros a year. And so the Church justified its claim: 1589 Dietrich Flade was burned at the Trier the place of execution as a warlock. As a renowned citizen of The executioner strangulated Flade, he was proven to be a grace: before he came to the stake, so he didn’t have to suffer the pain of burning to death. This procedure was confessed “witches” is common. Also Flade had admitted his misdeeds “” – he confessed to everything they accused him, under torture.

the Church was enriched to the Persecuted


somersault in full armor, and slingshots – the most famous of all the knights

Gernot Kramper

trained all His belongings fell to the Church in the form of the Archbishop Johann VII. von Schönenberg. The enrichment by the possession of the Pursued made for a constant supply of witches and warlocks, unlike many novels would have us believe, were not followed only poor herbal women from religious insanity. If you was to get to the Church eventually. Witch hunts took place mostly in the Form of waves, Especially in affluent cities, it was typical that the first outcasts were tortured and burned, the processes have executed, but also against members of the wealthy upper class. Flades property was confiscated. This is also the sum of 4000 thalers, which the city will have the well-hung belonged to was still owed. And for this money, the Trier must now pay for over 400 years interest.

Flade himself was no innocent lamb, but first of all, even of the horrible processes involved. Before he was denounced, he had been involved in court proceedings, in which completely innocent women were tortured and murdered. In the year 1582 there was a rumor in Trier: in Order to escape the Inquisition in Saarburg, had fled many witches in the city. In the case of the processes in Saarburg, the name of Trier’s citizens are to be called, has been under torture, of course.

Dietrich Flade was at that time especially, to expose these cronies of the devil””. One of the first processes is directed against an older woman. Margaret brown earned her living as a laundress and was suspected to promote as a procuress of the fornication. The first – non-violent – survey by Flade she didn’t want to confess to witchcraft. Seven Times the resistance of the poor woman of the torture that she was subjected to arrangement Flades.

He was, without knowing it, the perfect victim

working hours in the course of time

Work in the middle ages – was at that time toiled so much of it?

Dietrich Flade is not expected to fall soon, even in the hands of his executioner. He was a predestined victim. Flade had an incredible rise behind, he was regarded as one of the most powerful and richest men in the city. But he had friends or relatives in the upper layer. Flade was regarded as greedy and corrupt and was hated by his many debtors. Citizens, farmers, the city, the elector – all owed him money. When his Name was mentioned in the confessions of the warlocks and witches, he could not save himself. Quickly Flade was considered as the chief warlock, as the poisoner and the wizard, the storm was able to summon in order to earn to the shortage of the grain.

research by the “SWR” show that the city Council have addressed in the year 2009, the payments. The beneficiary of the parish but should have insisted that you continue to be paid the income from the witch trials. After all, it had been agreed that the Witcher money exclusively for social purposes should come to Good. Currently it is used for homeless assistance.

sources: at the Time, SWR


The medieval justice punished the murderer of pigs, and whoremongers, donkey

towards the end of the middle ages trials of animals were in fashion. Often the pigs ended up on trial for murder. But also an abused donkey had to fear the stake.

Gernot Kramper