The Cologne mayor Henriette Reker has received a death threat. The police in Cologne, confirmed on Wednesday evening, corresponding to the information of “image” and WDR.

The threat was received after the murder of the Kassel government President Walter Lübcke, said a police spokesman. Whether there is a connection with the crime, he could not say. Responsible for the Landeskriminalamt Berlin was Central, because, in addition to Reker other politician’s threats would have received.

According to the WDR, there are within Germany several threats against politicians, they should be directed, among others, against the mayor of the Westphalian city of Altena, Andreas Hollstein,. From the state office of criminal investigation was received in the evening, no opinion.

Both Reker, as well as Holstein had become in the past few years, the target of assassins. Reker escape 2015 prior to her election to the mayor about the death, as you stung by a Right-wing with a knife in the neck. Also Hollstein was attacked in November of 2017, from a man with a knife, he suffered an injury on the neck.

Lübcke was in the night of the 2. June on the terrace of his residential house in the Hessian town of wolf Hagen-Istha being shot. Under arrest on suspicion of a 45 sits-Year-old in custody. The U.S. attorney’s office classifies the crime as a political assassination with a right-wing extremist Background.