Still is not solved, as it came to the suicide of an eleven-year-old girl who went on a Berlin primary school in the district of Reinickendorf. The police investigation in the case still run, also the result of the autopsy.

There were serious allegations in the area: The eleven-year-old, according to statements of representatives of the Parents of bullying victims. The rector of the house otter elementary school, Daniela, Walter, had acknowledged that there were problems at the school. At the same time, she stressed that teacher colleagues, the school social worker and the caretaker were always responsive when there is a dispute.

the elementary school in Berlin on the problems?

the question remains: Did the school adequately enough to the bullying problems? How the “daily mirror” reported, now, she was “already an inspection in the year 2013, among others due to the lack of pedagogical skills”.

Many questions

After the death of an Eleven-year-old: How big is the bullying Problem?

The newspaper quotes further from the internal investigation report: “The house otter elementary school is currently in a problematic Situation. The teachers feel the increasing diversity of their pupils overwhelmed by the headmaster, however, too little support.” The social climate in school is significantly impaired. Cases of violence and bullying had been at the time, mentioned: “students reports of conflicts with each other, which are held for the part on the school Playground without teachers engage in a sufficient extent,” – said in the report.

The stories from the year 2013 sound, sometimes dramatically, the newspaper writes. So younger students have a fear of the Elderly and the need to protect each other. The school administration had rejected help from the Outside. That’s why two years later the next inspection, and again the school was like.

Lisa and Michelle

Missing girl from Heilbronn showed up again – in Leipzig

principals replaced

The school authority confirmed that the school principal was replaced. Has not improved the Situation, apparently. According to Reports from parents, there was also in recent Ads against students and against a member of the teaching staff due to injury. This should, however, have not been associated with the deceased Eleven-year-old.

another allegation is that the school administration tried to sweep the story under the carpet. In a communication to the parents is only on the death of a classmate informed, but not about specific circumstances, such as the “world” reported. That there should have been a suicide acted, it was only through the Initiative of a parents ‘ representative, known as a result of the previous SPD-Landtag abegordneten Thorsten had turned Barren and the bullying experts Carsten Stahl.

As always, in such a case, all promise to do better. Berlin’s mayor Michael Müller promised the incident to fully investigate. At the end of February, the topic of bullying is in Berlin’s state Parliament, expected to be on the agenda. The CDU parliamentary group said on Tuesday. The day before she had requested, together with the FDP, an appropriate expert consultation in the house of representatives. The school authority referred to the existing anti-bullying policies and promised that there would be more.

source: “The daily mirror”, “world”

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