After the fatal shot in the new year’s eve night on a three-fold mother in the North German Schönberg, the investigators published new findings. The fatal shot on the 39-Year-old had been fired in their vicinity, and informed the public Prosecutor and the police in Kiel on Friday. According to the preliminary ballistic examination result for the land criminal police office (LKA) of Schleswig-Holstein, the shot was to exclude tax from several hundred meters.

The case had nationwide made for horror. The woman had gone to celebrate the turn of the year with her husband and their small daughter on the street and a few minutes after the turn of the year, with a bleeding wound to the head collapsed. To gain without the consciousness, she died on new year’s day in the hospital. As the autopsy showed, she had been from a bullet from a small caliber gun.

Schönberg near Kiel

turning in the event of the new year’s eve killed mother – investigators have reported two hypotheses

By Daniel desert mountain Schönberg: No shot over rooftops

As the investigator, you will be more of a tragic accident, and not of a specific fact. The published LCA report concluded that the shot must have come on, the 39-Year-old from the vicinity. The presumption that there had been a shot over the roofs of the buildings, had to be ruled out. Buildings, parked cars and Vegetation restricted the field of fire.

Since February, there is a special investigation team, which deals exclusively with this case. With the help of laser technology had been tried by the officials in the past few days, at the scene of the crime, to determine the direction of the shot closer, explained the authorities. Forensic technicians have also created a 3D-Scan of the crime scene reconstruction. With the help of can move the police officers in a virtual crime scene representation and measurements.

new year’s eve tragedy in Kiel

After turning in the case of the slain mother: So the police want to find the shooter

By Daniel Wüstenberg Hardly any private Videos on note portal

In the context of the previous investigations a number of owners had been resorted to small arms and checked, and any anomalies would not arise. There is also the residents and their party had been guests of the new year’s eve questioned.

A note to the portal, where the police asked private Videos from the night, had only been occasionally used. However, a poster campaign action in January, have provided numerous references. The police are now looking for more, so far, not listened to witnesses who were in the new year’s eve night in the vicinity of the crime scene.

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