New Podcast What is “Drugs”?

alcohol, mushrooms, Crystal Meth, Although most of these drugs are not legal, you will be consumed but by party-goers in Germany, often without the awareness of hazards. The new season of “Drugs” researched backgrounds about legal and illegal drugs and consumers, psychologists and drug experts. The Podcast “Drugs” is a production of Deezer in cooperation with star.

Worshipped, cursed, praised, fought: The consumption of tobacco, whether in the Form of cigarettes, cigars, pipes or used as snuff and chewing tobacco for a long time part of our society. Even if less and less people are Smoking, die each year more than 120,000 German to the consequences of tobacco use. No other drug in Germany calls for so many deaths, although the actual drug is the nicotine.The substance has a very high addiction factor and power within the shortest period of time addictive.

In the new episode of the Deezer Podcasts, Drugs, and journalist Magdalena Bienert is the phenomenon of Snus in hockey. And you’ll find out why cigarettes for some, feel like a good friend, and why you should disconnect.

About the author

Magdalena Bienert works as a journalist and presenter in Berlin. In your Research for the Podcast “Drugs” fascinated you, such as drug care in the right Setting and professionally, in therapy, people can help. Your view of drugs has changed as a result of the Research: “There is no society without drugs. Since time immemorial, was intoxicated and drunk. Each has made his own experiences with alcohol or illegal drugs – and they are all used differently: as a spiritual guide, door opener, Egobooster, and some even break under certain circumstances.”