Bad Saulgau: Two Dead in aircraft accident in the state of Baden-Württemberg

In the case of a parachute leap over the airfield in the upper Swabian town of Bad Saulgau are killed in an accident on Saturday, two men fatally. According to the police, they came down in the morning, from approximately 50 meters height and slammed into the ground. The exact circumstances of the accident and the cause was initially unclear, a spokesman said. The 49 and 32-year-old men were no novices. Whether your screens are not opened correctly or whether there is a collision in the air led to the crash, has yet to be investigated.

was Originally to have been a collision in the air the speech. The two men had jumped to a significantly higher altitude from an airplane. Whether together or independently of each other, was the subject of the investigation, it said. Be secured that they were individually on the way, and it was not a tandem jump, in which two knights on a parachute to hang.

aides had tried to reported to be still, to resuscitate the two victims after the crash – but, ultimately, unsuccessful. The criminal investigation Department has consulted an expert on parachute accidents, in order to clarify the cause of the accident.

news from Germany from Friday, 17. May:

Tübingen: Exhibitionist molested three women witnesses sought

In Tübingen (Baden-Württemberg) police after a 30-year-old man is accused of on Thursday night in front of three women stripped and then this masturbating.

The women alerted the police, whereupon the stranger fled. In spite of immediately initiated a manhunt with several patrol cars to have the man with the Injured party, according to a strikingly big beer belly can make, informed the officials. Now the police are hoping for hints of possible witnesses to the approximately 165 to 170 centimeters tall man, the short, dark hair.

source: police Reutlingen

Kaiserslautern: Facebook photos on porn site

The shock is likely to have been large: A 24-year-old woman from Kaiserslautern to find this week that the pictures were uploaded of her from Unknown to a porn site in the net. As the police submitted on Friday, had copied the perpetrator or perpetrators of the images is not obvious from the Facebook profile of the woman, and then published on the website.

The 24-Year-old had noticed nothing and was done by a friend on the misuse of attention from the police. The investigation is going.

source: the police headquarters Westpfalz

Seligenstadt: Rider hunt a car thief

On the back of their horse a Rider in the Hessian town of Seligenstadt has made hunting a car thief. The 36-Year-old parked told her car near a lake and rode there with the animal, as the police in Offenbach on Friday. When she returned a short time later the vehicle was smashed in the front passenger wheel. In a certain distance, the woman saw a dark-clad stranger who ran away. With your horse, the 36 took-Year-old chase. Although it succeeded, the perpetrator repeatedly noted, he was able to tear myself away, however, again and again, and finally, undetected escape.

source: AFP

Neunkirchen: fire with three dead – the cause of the fire

is a washing machine in the basement broke out, according to investigations, the fire in which a family in Neunkirchen (Saarland) came less than a week ago claimed the lives of. At the Moment you go out of an electrotechnical Defect, a police spokesman said on Friday. In the case of the fire on Sunday, a 33-year-old woman and her four-year-old son had died. Since Friday, the police has certainty that it is the third body found in the 50-year-old father of the child.

source: DPA


The wedding party had on 22. March with several luxury cars slows down the traffic on the A3 at the Ratingen and photos on the carriageway (file photo)

©police Düsseldorf DPA room Wesel: SEC and search for “wedding block,”

After a car blockade on the A3 near Ratingen through a wedding party on Friday morning, several apartments in the area of Wesel, as having been used. A special task force had been involved in the operation, said a spokesman for the Dusseldorf police, the German press Agency.

According to investigators, seven living were ensured of objects is searched, and storage media, mobile phones and computers. The wedding party had on 22. March with several luxury cars slows down the traffic on the highway and photos on the carriageway. The düsseldorf police was founded in the aftermath of the investigation Commission (EC) “Donut” – named after the circular acceleration traces that had been pulled up at the Blockade on the A3 by one of the parties Involved.

“in Addition, the investigators found narcotics and suspected illegal drugs,” said the police. The EK “Donut” will evaluate the “extensive evidence” now. Düsseldorf police President Norbert Wessler said: “weddings are situations in life that should be celebrated. Anyone who thinks to block highways and to bring this other life is in danger, one must expect that we will take action as a police consistently against him. We will work with all the legal means to bring those responsible to literally from the traffic.”

source: DPA


The helicopter crashed as the Pilot tried one of the masts

©Benjamin Liss DPA Oberstdorf: helicopter lift crashes

A helicopter has crashed in the Bavarian Oberstdorf, from 40 to 50 meters in height. The Pilot was not seriously injured, hovering but in danger to life, as a spokesperson for the police in Kempten on Thursday, the AFP news Agency said. Accordingly, the helicopter had tried one of the masts to raise. He was at a construction site of a ski jump is in use.

The Mast should be solved from its roots. The helicopter should be set up the with safety ropes attached to the Mast in a vertical position. One of the workers had unabgesprochen on the floor of the fuse, disconnected wire ropes independently, so that the helicopter went into a Stumble and crash.

First of all, it was said that the helicopter had crashed from ten to 15 meters in height. This information was later corrected. Except for the pilots no one was hurt. At the time of the accident the railing of an inclined Elevator for athletes has been damaged.

Source: AFP

Wedel: construction Crane, A construction Crane crashes on house

in the schleswig-Holstein Wedel on a business – residential building fell and caused a lot of damage. No one was injured in the accident on Thursday, the fire Department Pinneberg announced on Friday. The building is currently uninhabitable. The 18 residents were in the night with Relatives or in shelters.

it was Only in the night to Friday, it had managed to remove the crane, said the police. For the rescue he had to be secured; then he was cut. Another crane lifted the parts out of the building. When the occupants in the house can return, remained unclear. Also the amount of damage and the cause of the accident, no information was available initially.

source: AFP

Mainz: fire in the Rheingoldhalle, is deleted

The fire in the Mainzer Rheingoldhalle has been deleted in the night on Friday complete. Up to 2.30 p.m. the fire Department was busy working with the extinguishing, as a spokesman for the police said. The important Rhine road was free again. The road closure was limited during the morning rush hour on Thursday, part of the whole of the city traffic.

at times 150 firefighters were at the Rheingoldhalle in use – on Thursday afternoon, the fire was extinguished to a large extent. Because individual gluten-ester, the use lasted until well into the night. The police are investigating for negligent arson. The fire broke out on Thursday morning.

source: DPA

Berlin: police are investigating still, in the case of Rebecca,

Three months after the Disappearance of the 15-year-old Rebecca from Berlin, the police will continue to look for the body and the perpetrator. It had changed nothing, said a spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office. Around 2300 information from the public had been received and would be evaluated. The homicide was on the case. The brother-in-law of Rebecca standing still suspected to have the 15-Year-old killed.

On 18. February disappeared the young people from the house of your sister and your brother-in-law in Berlin-Britz, a district in the Berlin district of Neukölln. The criminal investigation Department is holding several items of evidence against the brother-in-law is crucial. He had been that morning, alone with Rebecca in the house, haven’t slept, according to his mobile phone data, as he had claimed, and could not explain his two journeys in the morning and the next day after Brandenburg, the murder Commission informed it. Rebecca’s family said again and again in Interviews, the innocence of the brother-in-law.

Despite the week-long extensive search in the woods and lakes in the East of Brandenburg, the police could not find the body of Rebecca. In the meantime, more than 30 people took care of it in the state office of criminal investigation of the case. Without a body, and the corresponding traces of the investigation is very difficult. The investigators, however, says that such cases could be years solved yet, if notes or tracks appear. Finally, the files are not closed. The police believe was a murder – and murder is not barred.

source: DPA

news of Thursday, 16. May:

Zeven: 67-Year-old children

shoots with air pressure gun on the game, A pensioner in the town of Zeven in lower Saxony with an air pressure gun on the end of the game children shot. A five-year-old Boy was injured slightly on the head, as the police in Rotenburg announced at the Wümme on Thursday. The 67-Year-old had been annoyed, therefore, repeated over the children in his neighborhood.

On Wednesday evening, he is to be with the CO2 pistol out of his apartment in the hallway went from an open window of the apartment building several times in the direction of the children shot, played in about 30 to 40 meters away. It was, apparently, hit a five-year-old Boy from a metal ball to the head.

He was taken to a hospital, where superficial skin injuries were observed. Police officers seized the air gun of drunken suspects. A breath alcohol test showed a result of over one per thousand. Against the man criminal case in respect of dangerous bodily injury, and weapons, was launched a legal Offense.

source: AFP, police Rotenburg

Empty: toddler locks his parents out of

A small child is locked in Leer in East Frisia, his parents out of the family apartment. As a mother and father had just left the apartment, I pushed the 16-month-old Boy, the door and the key is turned, said a fire Department spokesman on Thursday. The coaxing of the parents through the door didn’t help, they alarm after half an hour the fire brigade. Before they arrived, had brought a neighbor, a ladder, and was reached through an open window in the apartment. He found the boy unharmed and opened the door for the parents.

source: DPA

Waldkirch: 80-Year-old five Bank robberies

admits An 80-year-old man from Baden-Württemberg is said to have committed five Bank robberies. At the beginning of may, the pensioner had been caught in Balingen on the act. After his arrest, he had confessed to the Robbery of a savings Bank in Waldkirch, near Freiburg. This fact, on 11. April of the then-unknown man had escaped without the loot, the police announced on Thursday. The 80-Year-old sitting in custody. The man confessed to the information that in 2009, banks in Freiburg and Villingen-Schwenningen as well as in 2012 a subsidiary in Rastatt, Germany invaded.

source: DPA


The fire is burning to its own information, approximately 90 emergency services

©Christiian Schultz Picture Alliance Mainz, Germany: the Rhine gold hall – Chaos in the traffic

In Mainz, the burning of the Rhine gold hall. The fire broke out in the roof structure, said a city spokesman in the Morning. Currently, the firefighters open the roof to access the Fire. There is a lot of smoke. The fire Department was there with a large posse to the place. From Mainz and Wiesbaden, about 90 are in use, the spokesman said. The Rhine gold hall was built in the ‘ 60s. First of all, it was said that the fire had broken out in the adjacent Hilton Hotel. This information was later corrected. On images and Videos in the short message service Twitter clouds of smoke were seen rising from the roof of the large event hall.

For the deletion of the adjacent road, which is one of the main roads in Mainz, has been locked to work, according to police. “Since traffic is at the Moment in the work is not coming Through.” Also, the driveway on the Theodor-Heuss-bridge,ke, connecting Mainz and Wiesbaden on the Rhine, was from Mainz is not possible.

The police had first informed the fire broke out in an underground Parking garage under the hall. The officials also corrected this information at a later date, however.

source: DPA

low cattle Creek is the Oldest sister in Germany 110 years of age

at The age of 110 years died the oldest sister in Germany died in the Bavarian lower cattle Creek, in the district of Landshut. Sister Konrada was 89 years of monastery service, said the pastor of the parish and the upper cattle Creek, Stefan Brunner, the AFP news Agency. She died on Tuesday. On your death, the Bavarian broadcasting Corporation reported first.

sister Konrada have kept the record of the oldest monastery sister in Germany for some years and is one of the oldest monastery of sisters of the world, said Brunner. Until five years ago, you have sewn the religious clothing of the other sisters.

Rosalie Huber, sister Konrada was called with civil name, was born on may 29. September, 1908 born in Bavaria, Germany. She was 89 years as a member of the Dominican convent in lower cattle Creek. On Saturday sister Konrada to be buried.

source: AFP

Gefell: nine-year-old tried to clear the house fire

A nine-year-old Boy tried in Thuringia, to prevent a fire in a detached house. He had been at the time of the fire home alone and had tried to delete the first flame itself, as a police spokesman said on Thursday. The fire had initially broken out in the shed of a three-seitenhofs in the town of Gefell. The Boy wanted to put out the fire on the shed and had been observed by a neighbor who alerted the fire brigade. The fire spread while up to the house. The parents of the boy and his four year old brother arrived, therefore, than the extinguishing of fire were already.

The Boy was unharmed, according to initial findings, but, as a precaution to the hospital. The fire had broken out on Wednesday morning from unknown causes. The roof of the family house burned down before the fire brigade could extinguish the fire. The house is not for the time being inhabit to. The property damage is estimated to be at least 50,000 euros.

source: DPA

Diepholz: investigators catch the wrong COP

low-Saxon investigators have busted a criminal gang that has occurred in the entire Federal territory as a fake police. Three suspects were arrested, as the police in the UK singles chart announced on Wednesday evening.

One of the alleged perpetrators was tracked down on Monday in the district of Diepholz, and arrested. The investigators were assisted by a mobile operations command. The other arrests took place simultaneously in the Rhine-Main area.

source: AFP

news from Germany, from Wednesday, 15. May:

Kiel: educators of child forget small in the Park – parents report a

In the schleswig-Holstein state capital of Kiel on the handles last week, two police officers a little boy in the Park, wandering around without care and supervision, weeping. The two-year-old Salih K. was in the afternoon, together with six other children and two caretakers, a man and a woman, the day-care centre of the University hospital Kiel in the Schrevenpark on-the-go. Like the “Kiel news” reported, had taken the two educators of the little boy with the excursion in the Park, but then forget.

The kindergarten-group “Chicks children” had left the schrevenpark without the small Salih again. It was only in the daycare center, the managers noticed that a child was missing and turned on the police, who found the boys, eventually, in the Park. The officials handed over the boy to his parents, who both work in the Uni-Klinikum and horrified about the incident showed. You now want to press charges against the two supervisors. The hospital has already responded to the incident: The two employees, the employment was terminated.

source: “Kieler Nachrichten”

Hamburg: world war II bomb in a residential area discovered: 7000 residents affected

In the district of Hamburg Heimfeld is on Wednesday afternoon during dredging a dud from the Second world war has been discovered. This is the “Hamburger Abendblatt” reported. According to the fire Department, the approximately 1,000-pound unexploded bomb to an American brand. Within a radius of about 500 meters, all residential to be evacuated homes to the planned mitigation to 19 PM. The Asklepios Klinikum Harburg was not affected by the evacuation for the time being. For rail transport this is not true. When the lock-out radius applies in force, are allowed to drive, therefore no trains. This applies to the S3, the port railway and long-distance transport. The ordnance bomb disposal unit in charge of the mitigation, and the subsequent controlled detonation of the bomb.

source: “Hamburger Abendblatt”

Rostock: car sinks to broken pipe in the street

Due to a water pipe break has opened on Wednesday in Rostock, right in the middle of a busy road a large hole. A car is submerged in it. According to the police, allowed the driver to leave the car in the floods unharmed. The entire area was cordoned off. Since the broken pipe is located in close proximity to a railroad crossing and the tracks, had also been the railway of Rostock in the direction of Stralsund and Rügen is set. On the track IC and ICE trains. There is a risk that the tracks could be washed up there. The local supplier Northern water has turned off the water in this area. The residents in the adjacent parts of the city first had to do without water.

source: DPA

the North-West of Mecklenburg: the County of will. flash heritage sheath

The fine point of the district of North West Mecklenburg in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, according to a report of “Ostsee-Zeitung” of Wednesday is suspected, data from mobile radar traps have subsequently, to the detriment of car drivers changed The sheet according to the Prosecutor, while the County has the allegations.

The suspicion came after a Schwerin traffic attorney should have hired an appraiser, measurement data to check, in the case of a flashed car driver. This would have not found that the evidence submitted to measurement match data with the original files from the device. The procedure has been set, in other cases, falsified data would have been submitted, as it turned out later. Now the St is determined aatsanwaltschaft due to the “Faking of technical records”.

source: “Baltic sea newspaper”

Kiel: woman calls because of the spider, the fire brigade

In Kiel, a woman found in her apartment, a spider, and then the fire brigade alerted. As the Beam arrived, she had captured the animal, according to a report of the “Kiel news” already. You would not want to leave, because it would have cast on you exotic. A firefighter identified the report as a domestic wolf spider and brought it into the open.

source: “Kieler Nachrichten”

Nußdorf am Inn, a 50-Year-old is killed in an accident with a tricycle

In case of an accident with a kind of tricycle is a man in upper Bavaria, died. The 50-Year-old was, according to police close to Nußdorf am Inn with a mountain cart road, a kind of tricycle without pedals. According to initial findings, he rolled over in the night on Wednesday from a mountain hut in the direction of the valley, came off the roadway and crashed into a tree, the police announced. He died on the spot. The man was together with two friends. As the two of them ahead of you noticed the 49, and 59-year-old men that her boyfriend had not arrived in the valley, they searched for him and found him lifeless in an embankment.

source: DPA

Berlin: the beat robbers with a kebab skewer in the escape

With a kebab skewer, a seller in Berlin, struck a robber in the escape. The Unknown threatened the 39-year-old employee of a Doner snack bar, first with a knife and demanded the receipts, like a police spokeswoman said on Wednesday. But instead of the money handed over, chased the clerk to the predators on Tuesday night with a kebab skewer without meat. No one was hurt.

source: DPA

Ludwigshafen, Germany: Pensioner escapes grandson trick

In Spreyer at Ludwigshafen escapes a 75-year-old woman, a so-called grandchild trick. A caller has claimed to be the granddaughter of a Pensioner. She pretended to want to be a mobile home for € 40,000 bid and asked to Transfer the sum. The 75-year-old has not recognized that it was her granddaughter and hung up. A further call was not completed.

source: the police

Schierke: workers on the Brocken unconscious and dies

On the summit of the Brocken, a man is at Work on an antenna died. The 53-year-old Assembly line worker had become on Tuesday while working in the resin in 123 meters in height, unconscious, and a staff member lifeless have been found, police said. It was succeeded to rescue the man and bring it to a platform. There he died despite Resuscitation one hour later. Why the lower Saxon village of Weener strain was the end of the 53-Year-old unconscious and died, was initially unclear. The criminal investigation is determined.

source: DPA

Kiel: Repeated Dolphin in the Firth spotted Fullscreen

In the Kiel fjord is a Dolphin

©Frank Molter DPA

Unusual guest in the Kiel fjord bustles with for some time: for several weeks, a Dolphin appears again and again near the Schwentine river mouth. The animal is behaving a bit flashy, said a spokesman for the water police of the German press Agency. “It always swims in a circle.”

from The water, a kayak-the driver watched on Tuesday afternoon, the Dolphin. “I have the feeling that he is becoming more and more familiar,” said the man.

Already, three years ago, a Dolphin was taken care of in the Kiel fjord, for a sensation and onlookers attracted. Because of the Curious were gone in a lock area, close to the North sea-Baltic canal to swim to get to the animal particularly close, had to Express the water protection police at the time, a warning. The Baden close to locks is prohibited.

Later, a sea set, a biologist, is the Thesis that the Dolphin was probably for the death of harbour Porpoises in front of Kiel is responsible. According to the water protection police, there is currently no number of Totfunden.

source: DPA

Friedberg: police surprised a missing Elderly woman in front of the TV

police officers have surprised an Elderly woman in the Hessian town of Büdingen on Tuesday evening in front of the TV at home. As the police said on Wednesday, had the neighbors out of concern contacted the authorities after they had not seen the woman for a long time. Because the woman did not respond to the ringing and Tapping of the advanced police, let the fire Department break down the door.

As the police entered the apartment, explained the Situation quickly: The Elderly woman was fine. Due to the volume of your TV, you had not heard of the use of force. With the fire newly-appointed door locks, you could lock the door behind the use of force.

source: AFP

Esterwegen: Re-peat fire in lower Saxony, Germany

In a peat area in the Emsland removal of a peat fire broke out. The fire spread in an area of 20 to 30 hectares, a police spokesman said on Tuesday evening. This is larger than Hamburg’s inner Alster lake. In the evening, managed to use forces to get the flames under control. Up to 250 firefighters had been deployed, said a fire Department spokesman. A few dozen forces should stay overnight at the fire scene to prevent the fire from spreading again. Extinguishing the fire should be resumed on Wednesday.

the cause of The fire was initially unclear. In the case of the fire to the North of Esterwegen in lower Saxony, the Federal Agency for Technical relief and a drone were next to the fire-brigade. The police blocked in the afternoon, the Federal road 401, because the forces pumped to the fire water from the coast of the channel.

last September, a missile test in the armed forces, Meppen, had triggered a large moor fire. The fire-places of the past and of the current are only about 50 miles apart. The fire had at that time was working, among other things, due to the inaccessible terrain and unfavourable weather conditions several weeks time.

source: DPA

insidious ambush

murder plot due to poor notes: student wanted to kill teachers

In Dortmund, Germany wanted to kill the investigation, according to three students to their teachers. The teacher sensed, however, apparently, the danger, the plot failed. Now the police are looking for witnesses.

news from Germany, from Tuesday, 14. May:

Herne: man, after Fund unterschlagung

A man already in the middle of March in front of a DIY store in Herne, Germany, 1500 Euro, the money in the future is not in a Fund office, or otherwise dispose of, had the police. The man from the district of Mettmann had reported on the weekend, after he had detected in the course of the public investigation on a photo, informed the officials.

The actual owner had noticed the loss of money to a report of the “WAZ” according to many at home. The man then traveled back to the hardware store and asked there if anyone had handed in an envelope contained money. Because this was not the case, was at that time involved the police, who then analyzed the video recordings and so the dishonest Finder to the track. By public intelligence, the officials hoped to gather information on the as-yet-unknown man. The pressure in the further course, it was obviously too big, so that he became self.

source: police in Bochum / “WAZ” (pay-content)

Lüneburg: Ex-scratched friend ran the wrong car,

“Stupid!”: With these words, the police Lüneburg begin your press release to a 19-year-old man who allowed himself to get carried away in the Wake of unrequited love, a fact that brought him, ultimately, a lot of Trouble. Accordingly, it is accused of the young man, late on Monday night, rioted in front of the house of his Ex-girlfriend, first, loudly, and to have a car in the entire left page is intentionally scratched. A damage in the amount of about 1500 Euro was established, it says.

The 19-Year-old admitted to the crime later to the police. The officials that it was to be assumed that the Protocol, assuming that the vehicle belonged to the new boyfriend of his Ex. It was, however, only to the car of a neighbor. Because the police officers also found a prohibited knife in the 19-Year-olds, it will have to answer soon, in addition to property damage because of the violation of the arms act.

source: police Lüneburg

Pforzheim: child survives fall from balcony

A guardian angel must have been on Monday afternoon, a three-year-old child in Pforzheim (Baden-Württemberg). According to police, the child was together with a member of your family on the balcony of a fifth floor being flat, when it fell suddenly from about 15 meters height into the depth and there on the pavement, and hit the floor.

passers-by, who had observed the fall, alarmed immediately the emergency medical service. After a first care, the child suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries had been brought by helicopter to a hospital.

the criminal investigation is, how it could come to the fall.

source: police in Karlsruhe


the inclusion of the stolen Ferrari 288 GTO

©police Dusseldorf: Exclusive Ferrari test drive

In Düsseldorf (NRW) stole an unknown offender has used a test drive to make a historic Ferrari with a value of more than two million euros from the dust. As the police said, had identified the alleged prospective buyer of a Meeting with the willing to sell a vintage car dealer. In the framework of the negotiations you have taken a test drive, officials report.

the seller was out of the plane at a stop, a driver change, squeezing the offender suddenly hit the Gas and disappeared in the direction of Dormagen. Despite the introduction of APB 288 GTO (first registration in 1985) is missing from the exclusive Ferrari more each track. Notes to the perpetrator or the car, the criminal kpolizei Düsseldorf at the telephone number 0211 8700.

source: police in Düsseldorf

Munich, 67-Year-old will have needs in Thailand, hundreds of children miss the start of the process

The process against a man needs in Thailand, hundreds of children miss, is taking place largely to the exclusion of the Public. To kick-off on Tuesday, the regional court of Munich I ruled out the Public to a large extent from the procedure. After the public reading of the indictment, of the accuses the man of sexual abuse in 103 cases, the Accused through his lawyer, to the exclusion of the Public a statement of their content at first, nothing was known.

for More than 30 years the man again and again Thai children – mostly boys – hard-to-miss have to needs. The youngest victims were eight years old. Rolling up the investigation, according to a spokeswoman for the Prosecutor’s office by the step-daughter of the man who claims to be self-him having been abused.

The 67-Year-old is said to have filmed his actions, and photographed. In his Munich apartment nearly twelve hours of video material were found according to the Prosecutor, more than 8500 children, porn, including. These data are the most important evidence in the process. The court began on Tuesday, to the exclusion of the Public in order to sift the Material.

source: DPA


This colored liquid wanted to be a police car driver as the urine

©police sell the vehicle more town: motorists want to drug test manipulate

With a three and most naive action, the motorist will be tried in the state of Hesse, to manipulate a drug test in his favor. According to police reports, the 46-Year-old a Patrol between the connection points Langen/Mörfelden and more city noticed, because he held on to drive on the right side and in a construction site is significantly slower than required, so that other road users were disabled.

The officers directed the driver to a Parking lot and found him fast a road unseaworthy condition, a drug test was arranged. What is wanted to make the man as “urine”, the police claims to be the “neck and smile”. The 46 had filled-Year-old with his cherry red energy drink into the sample beaker. The dizziness was, of course, the driver gave up and admitted drug use.

In the further course of which the officers found in the car of the man who later had to give a blood sample, two grams of Crack and a gram of Heroin. Him a corresponding criminal case is now expected.

source: police vehicle

Berlin: Unknown claws 159 car antennas

Unknown to have stolen in Berlin-Neukölln, the antennas of 159 cars. A 25-Year-old revealed on Monday evening the theft of the antenna of their car, the police announced on Tuesday. In the process, they drew attention to the fact that other cars affected be.

The police discovered that on dozens of other cars in the surrounding streets were missing the antennas. To the possible backgrounds of the perpetrators, the police did not provide information.

source: AFP

Neunkirchen: corpse from a burned house

recovered After the fire, a residential house in Neunkirchen, Germany, has been recovered in the night of Tuesday the discovered corpse. It was a woman, said a police spokeswoman to the news Agency AFP. The identity of the dead was initially unclear, they should be an autopsy on Tuesday. The rescue work proved to be still difficult, because the building could not be entered, the spokeswoman said. The victim had been recovered on a working platform.

On Sunday morning, had broken out in the multi-family house in Neunkirchen a fire. The extinguishing works lasted until Monday. On Monday afternoon, the house was backed up so far that emergency workers were able to previously discovered corpse mountains.

source: AFP


The fire brigade, the vehicle recovered from the river. Previously, divers had rescued the driver. The help came too late.

©fire brigade Bonn Niederkassel: man sinks with the car in the Rhine and dies

In Niederkassel in the Rhine-Sieg district in the South of North Rhine-Westphalia is rolled out on Monday a man with his car in the river Rhine and to the consequences of the accident died. As reported by the police, had chosen in the afternoon several witnesses to the emergency, and informed that a car was in the area of near ferry terminal in Mondorfer port to roll in the pool. At the wheel of the car, sitting with her eyes according to witnesses, an elderly gentleman. The Arrival of the forces of the police and the fire brigade, the car engine is still visible in the water. In the result, it sank to the bottom of the river. First responders had previously made contact with the driver, and tried unsuccessfully to secure the vehicle with a rope.

“supports divers, rescuers from several boats, and a lazy, liberated the Person, a little later, in about four meters deep,” said the fireman. The man was revived on the shore again and to a hospital. There he died, however, in the early evening. The police are now investigating the cause of the accident as to the identity of the deceased, which was initially unknown.

sources: district police authority Rhein-Sieg-Kreis, fire brigade of Bonn

Münster: 28-Year-old beer, driving around, drinking with the car

A 28-Year-old is not Westphalia rid of Münster in North Rhine-his driver’s license because the police had to be drunk, but also drinking at the wheel has caught. A Patrol car I saw on Monday night, as the man at the wheel, sitting from a beer bottle, drank, police said on Tuesday morning. As the police officers controlled the man rose to meet them, an odor of alcohol. A breath alcohol test revealed 1,26 per thousand. The officers arrested the 28-Year-old for a blood test on an area and found the driver’s license for sure.

source: DPA

Hönsbach: Hochzeitskorso with shots – 14 driving licences

With shots and dangerous driving maneuvers seized a wedding party celebrated in February on the highway 3 – now the police have confiscated 14 driving licences of drivers. You should have been involved in the motorcade in Hösbach, in the district of Aschaffenburg. Determined currently being Accused against 40, told police and the Prosecutor’s office on Monday. The suspicion is, among other things, on heavy land, breaking the peace, breaches of the weapons act and dangerous driving.

source: DPA

news from Germany from Monday, 13. May:

Cologne: children paving slab to throw on cyclists

In Cologne, got fired on Friday, three children, a ship from the shores of the Rhine river with a slingshot. In addition, they should have according to the police, by a wall down to a heavy paving slab on passers-by thrown in. A cyclist was able to escape the projectile, therefore, only with a full braking.

“According to the testimony of witnesses to the conservation of the three children shot to 19 at the high water protection wall on the Awarded towpath with a slingshot stones against a party boat and pöbelten the celebration of the anchored ship in the amount of the Ernst Volland street,” according to the police. You will search for the Trio, which is described as follows:

twelve to 14 years altmit dark blue and black Jogging pants, dressed in dark hair

a little fatter and with a scarf masked Boy wore according to witnesses, a black T-Shirt with green stripes and a black vest with a hood. His two accomplices accosted him with “Leon”. They were clothed, according to police information, with a grey-and-black sweater and a light blue jacket. Notes on the police of Cologne at the phone number 0221 229-0 or by Mail to .

source: police in Cologne

Munich: a Trainee is in an hour, eleven times

it flashed A 24-Year-old Trainee was flashed in may of last year in Munich within an hour eleven times. Like the “TZ” writes, was convicted of the frenzied Trainee on Monday by the district court to a penalty of 1504 Euro while his economic circumstances were taken into account. Actually, the punishment would have been twice as high. In addition, he has been assigned to a three-month driving ban, as the magazine writes. Accordingly, the young man was partly covered with 60 kilometers per hour over the speed limit of the radar control.

source: “TZ”

Dortmund/Heidenheim: woman loses 1300 euros in cash in a train

At a wedding ceremony, the police have located a 75-year-old woman, who had previously forgotten to 1300 euros in cash on the train. The Augsburg in Bavaria, was previously with the train on the way to the wedding ceremony in Heidenheim in Baden-Württemberg, as she left when a Change of trains in Ulm your handbag on the seat. A conductor had made the bag, informed the police in Dortmund on Monday. In order to make the owner of the track, and looked at the officials and found, in addition to the cash, an invitation to a wedding celebration. On the Celebration, the officials called and reached the 75-Year-old, the report said. The had been very happy to find out that the bride-to-be certain the money was found. She assured the officials to get up and running quickly as possible on the way in the almost 500 kilometres away in Dortmund.

source: dpa

Berlin: 14 – and 19-Year-old to flee without shoes, or your driver’s license in a stolen car with pace 188

With almost 190 kilometres per hour, are two 14 – and 19-Year-old on the run from the police, carabinieriegg by Berlin barreled. The two were noticed by the police in the night to Monday on the highway for speeding. When the police tried to stop the car accelerated, the driver and up to 188 kilometers per hour to escape. He left, according to police, the motorway in Berlin-Neukölln and drove 130 by a Tempo-30-Zone. On a supermarket Parking lot, where the two were apparently going for a driver change, summed up the police for the speeders. They had stolen a drunk the car keys from the bedroom of the mother of the 14-Year-old and barefoot snuck out of the house. It remained unclear, initially, who was of the two at the wheel.

On Display to come because of the suspicion of a prohibited car race, driving without a license, drink-driving, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, speeding and Contempt of characters and instructions.

Mettmann, a young bull being tormented and killed

On the open pasture Unknown in North Rhine-Westphalia, Velbert have tortured a young bull and killed. The police in Mettmann, described the actions of the animal abusers on Monday as a “particularly heinous Offence under the animal protection act”. The three-month-old bull calf was distressed, therefore, between Thursday and Saturday of last week on the field with a sharp object.

the perpetrator or perpetrators of the injured, a young bull on the head, cut the animal in the lower lumbar area and removed the genitals of a young male animal that died in consequence of painful. The police had no concrete clues on the identity or motive of the culprits, and now hopes to information.

source: AFP

forest: Two corpses in apartment

found Two men dead bodies in an apartment in the South Brandenburg’s small town of forest, have been discovered. According to current knowledge, it is assumed that the men were victims of a violent crime, as the police told the speaker stand. The put it to the auffinde situation of the bodies. The dead had been discovered on early Monday morning at 05.00 clock in the house. Forest is located in the vicinity of Cottbus.

not commented further Details – for example, to the question of whether the men lived in the apartment – the police and referred to the public Prosecutor’s office in Cottbus. This was not the first to reach.

source: dpa

Berlin: horse-drawn carriages are allowed in the heat is no longer

At temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius in the shade and more to may in Berlin in the future, no horse-drawn carriages any more. This provides a new Directive for the Berlin horse-drawn carriage operations, such as the Senate administration for justice announced on Monday. At such high temperatures, it could fail in the case of the animals “considerable pain” and damage, such as the cycle to the sun engraving to come.

in Addition, you must be granted the horses outside of the use of daily two hours of free movement on unpaved ground of a sufficiently large outlet. “Horse-drawn carriage rides in a city of millions mean a lot of Stress for the horses,” said justice Senator Dirk Behrendt (Green). In the sense of animal protection, it is therefore necessary to provide clear guidelines for animal welfare.

Serious violations or cause multiple non-observance of carriage guidelines for Transit operations to withdrawal of the animal protection legal permission. In Berlin has been discussed for a long time on the tourist horse-drawn carriages.

source: dpa

Krefeld: mother verätzte her daughter’s eyes with nail Polish remover

A mother is supposed to have burned the eyes of her small daughter with nail Polish remover. The trial begins on Monday in front of the Krefeld district court, the 26-ride-Year-old the fact. They have administered their then 22-month-old daughter in June 2016, the eye drops, but not know that these had been treated with nail Polish remover.

The small child suffered at the time, burns to the eyes. The mother is accused of abuse of minor and assault in court. The indictment of intent. The woman had accused her partner, had been detained tightly. That had earned her, in addition to the allegation of a false suspicion.

The 31-year-old Ex-boyfriend said on Monday, the mother had beat her daughter several times violently shaken. They had consumed various drugs. The girl was accommodated by the youth welfare office, in a foster family and then with his grandparents.

Doctors had discovered in addition to the chemical burn of the eyes is also more traces of maltreatment on the child, suspicious and the police are switched on. Permanent damage should not have worn the today’s four-year-old of it. For the process two more negotiations are scheduled days.

source: dpa

Hamburg: Unknown ignites homeless

An Unknown to the Hamburg landing, the hair of a 52-year-old homeless bridges lit up, while this one was sleeping on a bench. A woman rushed to the rescue, beating out the flames with the Hand, and spoke to the offender, the police announced on Sunday. As a result, the perpetrator, was according to witnesses a group of Drunken on-the-go had fled. The group spoke English, and was, perhaps from British tourists, as it was called.

The Unknown had triggered the sleeping homeless on Saturday afternoon, and addressed. Then he lit with a lighter the hair of the head of the 52-Year-old, told the police. The witness, a handle, and beating out the flames. More detailed information to the assistant there was initially. Thousands of people were on Saturday in the area, to celebrate the Harbor birthday – how many saw the attack but in the end, was not clear.

A manhunt for the perpetrators remained at first without success. He had made after the first findings of the police, together with his group in the direction of David street. The 52-Year-old was taken to a hospital, this could leave a little later. The state police took over the investigation for hate crime, the police announced more. Also, the Federal police has been turned on.

source: dpa

Hildesheim: minibus with C-youth team is killed in a

Five players of a youth team have been injured in an accident with their team bus on the highway 7 in lower Saxony difficult. After the accident on Saturday evening, the driver and five young people with severe injuries arrived to the hospital, as the police in Hildesheim announced on Sunday evening. One of them was hurt, and therefore life-threatening. His condition was aber stable.

of The seven players in the C-youth team of the VfB Peine occupied minibus was hit according to the police, first of all against the means of protection wall and finally to the right of the roadway off. The exact cause of the accident was initially unclear. Two slightly injured young people were discharged on Sunday evening from the hospital.

source: AFP

Neunkirchen: body after house fire

found After a fire in a multi family house in Neunkirchen, Germany, a corpse in the building have been discovered. It is still unclear whether it was one of the three missing residents, police said on Sunday evening. The forces rescued thus, 13 people out of the house. They came to the part in hospitals, but were not injured, according to initial findings difficult.

The fire in the house was early Sunday morning erupted. The extinguishing works lasted until the Monday night. The Work was made more difficult on Sunday, according to police by numerous onlookers.

source: AFP

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