Incredible incident after motorway accident: onlookers have after a serious accident on the A8 in Baden-Württemberg, opened the door of an ambulance.

According to the initial findings of the police, it was the curious passersby had formed all about “to view the injured from the area and may also take pictures”. The officials spoke of the “ugly scenes” and are looking for witnesses to the incident on Wednesday. Because: “Since the rescue workers had their hands full, could not be found to the people.”

A 59-year-old truck driver was killed in an accident on highway 8 in the vicinity of Pforzheim. The man was driving on a Wednesday with his tractor at the end of a traffic jam on a truck trailer, police said in Karlsruhe. He was trapped in the cab and died at the scene. The tractor of the front of the truck tipped over by the impact. The driver was able to free himself and was injured in a clinic.