Cologne: Costumed man dead in the cellar

In Cologne, Germany found local residents have found a 27-Year-old lifeless in the basement of a tenement house. The police announced on Monday occurred the incident already last Friday. Accordingly, the witnesses discovered the costumed man against 19 clock at the foot of a staircase lying. A immediately alerted emergency medical’ve only been able to observe the death of the husband. The police initiated a death investigation, but an autopsy revealed no evidence of third-party negligence. Rather, the officials assume that the man in consequence of the staircase fall, passed away.

Wiesbaden: women in Germany are still slightly in the Majority

women in Germany are still slightly in the Majority. According to data from the Federal Statistical office, by Tuesday they were in October, with 50.3 percent, a slight majority of the population. Around 42.1 million women lived, therefore, in Germany, the Wiesbaden-based authority for international women’s day announced on Friday.

Over the decades, the proportion of men and women in the population was according to the statistics, increasingly. In the Wake of the world wars women in 1950 had accounted for a significant majority of 53.5 percent of the German population.

Göttingen: man on highway Truck captured and killed

On the highway 7 in lower Saxony, a man of a load is detected the car and fatally injured. According to police, he got out first, unknown reasons, early Tuesday morning in the vicinity of Göttingen from his car and was captured by the truck.

The circumstances of the action are still unclear, stated the officials in Göttingen, Germany. The investigation as to ran. Because of the accident, the highway had to be closed in the area temporarily.

Rudolstadt: cyclist crashes in case of a collision with a deer

In the Thuringian town of Rudolstadt, a bike driver in the evening with a deer is encountered. The police announced on Tuesday morning, drove the man, at 19.30, a sloping road, when the animal ran in front of him suddenly to the roadway. Despite full braking, the cyclist collided with the deer and crashed. He was badly hurt. He was hospitalized with broken bones in a hospital. The DOE escaped apparently unharmed in a nearby forest area.

Staufen: drivers with 4.7 per mil stopped

In Staufen (Baden-Württemberg) has been stopped by the police for a drunk driver. As the officials said, reported a witness to the man on Sunday against 18.30 o’clock, because this was at a gas station unsteadily to his car, and with that drove off. Shortly thereafter, the officers were able to stop the 55-Year-old. An alcohol test revealed that the man had 4.7 parts per thousand in the blood. The police took the driver’s license and filed a criminal report because of drunkenness in road traffic.

news of Monday, 4. March

Mettmann: police take aggressive bather festival

police officials in North Rhine-Westphalia-Velbert Uniform against the trunks changed and a refractory pool of visitors in the water. The 32-Year-old had previously unusually aggressive, Personal baseless insults and a ban of the life guard ignored, as the police in Mettmann announced on Monday.

the attack When the man finally summoned the officials and after a use of pepper spray in a large swimming withdrew basin, borrowed three policemen on Sunday short-hand swimwear. The officers overpowered the renegade swimmers after further attacks, tied him still in the water, and took him.

The strong spiritually confused 32-Year-old was placed in a psychiatric clinic. The bathing in the swimming pool continued to be undisturbed.

Bad Segeberg: a ten-year old dies while Playing

In Bad Segeberg, a child at Play is an accident in a barn deadly. The police announced on Monday, was slain by the ten-year-old from a 500-pound bales of Straw. This was solved 17 PM from yet unknown reasons, from his mount and the boy is buried. Using a tractor with a front fork, he was lifted off of the boy. At first he was able to resuscitate the child. In the course of the Evening the Boy died, however, his serious injuries in a hospital. The criminal investigation Department Bad Segeberg has taken over the investigation. The investigations on the cause of the accident.

Wiesbaden: power outage puts downtown minutes long lame

A power failure has put the entire city of Wiesbaden temporarily lame. The cause of a fire in a substation, as a spokesman for the electricity supplier ESWE Versorgungs AG, said on Monday. Therefore, a high-voltage line in the direction of the City had broken down.

Before the dark shops and cafes in the Hesse state capital, rallied during the twelve-minute interference major crowds of people. Directly after the power failure to 14.03 at the visitors had to leave the large Department stores. How many people were affected, the spokesman said. The cause of the fire in the substation is still unclear.

Bonn: Sexual abuse? Police frees girl from the camping car

The police in Bonn has released the car on suspicion of sexual abuse of a twelve year old from a camping. According to a statement from the police and the public Prosecutor’s office from Monday, the girl on Sunday car was brought from a strip of the crew out of the car. A 54-Year-old man and his 50-year-old girlfriend were arrested. From the protection of victims, the police holding back reasons with details to the girl. It comes, therefore, from North Rhine-Westphalia and to count to the circle of the man.

After initial interrogation, the twelve-year-old was handed over to the youth welfare office. Two caravans were seized for forensics and towed. Because of the suspicion against the 54-hardened Years, he should be on Monday for a detention judge. His girlfriend is on the loose.


This and another of the campers were from the police to ensure

©police Bonn Ochtrup: tree topples in the storm on car driver dies

In the münsterland Ochtrup in NRW, a 37-Year old died in an accident. The man was toppled over, revealing a report, according to the police in his car in the direction of the A31 on the road, about 500 meters from the motorway a tree driveway abruptly. To this point, the storm just deep “Bennet” across the Region. “The Car was collected from the tree and bury”, police said. The driver suffered fatal injuries.


In Ochtrup, münsterland buried a Baa car. In the accident the driver was killed

Picture Alliance, Munich: four-year-old’s Hand in the drinks holder

a rescue operation is likely to experience the fire brigade rather rare: A four-year-old had put on Saturday evening their fingers in the Opening of your child’s seat mounted drinks holder, and that they could not free themselves from it, such as the Munich fire Department said. After the parents failed in the liberation in the car, they took their daughter velvet child seat in the apartment. Meanwhile, the Hand was greatly swollen.

In the apartment the parents called the fire Department, which arrived with a special tool and beverage holder be careful for your children, as well as from the Hand of the Small sawing off. Because the girl was now held by a television in a good mood, not with got you from the rescue action in the first place much. The fire, however, the unusual task made evident pleasure: “We firefighters will experience such missions are rare,” wrote the forces after their successful rescue action in your message.

Altena: man pissing in car wash and operator of the hospital, suggests Mature

escalation in a washing line in the North Rhine-Westphalian Altena. There is a black SUV with loud music in the plant went on Sunday evening, at 19.30. The operator observed shortly thereafter, as the driver of the Range Rover urinated in the wash Bay. As the operator asked him for the speech, the man hit him to the ground. On several occasions the victim tried to pick yourself up again and struck and entered the offender to the man. As the two companions walked between them, he let go of him. The men drove away, the car wash operator was seriously injured in a hospital. The police is now looking for witnesses.

Cologne/Düsseldorf/Mainz rose Monday trains due to the storm

lost In the carnival strongholds on the Rhine will have to adjust the fools and jesters at the rose Monday trains, this time on restrictions. Köln and Mainz seek from the impending storm “Bennet” fun, specken but for reasons of safety in their parades. The one million city of Cologne wants to waive portable large figures, flags, shields, horses and carriages, such as the Cologne festival Committee and the city announced. The Mainzer Carneval-Verein decided on Sunday, the move is not quite cancel. You’ll need without the horses get along. In Düsseldorf, the Fear, the revellers went on. A decision will be there probably until Monday morning.

The rose Monday parade in Düsseldorf, only to roll up at 13: 30 – was originally planned for 11.50 PM. A spokesman for the Comitee Düsseldorfer Carneval said, everything seemed to indicate that the “Bennet” will be withdrawn on a late lunch across the city. “Therefore, the requirements and understandings of the concept of security can be met.” Also of Münster suspended the launch of its Rosenmontagszugs on Sunday to two hours – he should begin to 14.11 clock at the Central Palace square.

The German weather service said strong gusts of wind, especially in the morning before and in the tip with Thicknesses of 8 to 9. In the afternoon, the gusts should back down. Already in 2016, the move to Düsseldorf, and Mainz had fallen victim to a storm.

Trier: man goes to dispute at almost the night of the event in group of people

After a dispute at a carnival event in the vicinity of Trier, a man with his car drove into a group of people. In the process, was injured in the Mosel-municipality of fur (Rheinland-Pfalz) on Monday night an 18-Year-old, the police announced. The intoxicated 28-year-old attacker initially fled, was arrested after a manhunt but. The Prosecutor’s office of Trier classifies the attack as attempted homicide. In the case of the almost-night event in the fur it had come to the police, according to the first to a quarrel and then a physical altercation with several injured.

The Accused then sat in his car and drove into the crowd of people that had formed because of the brawl in front of the event hall. “In this case, he slowed down, first in front of the group, went a step backward and drew the Car and then targeted in this group of people,” said the police. In the course of the investigation, it was first found the abandoned car and, later, of the Accused taken.

sources: media portal of the police,

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