The Prügeltod of the 15-year-old student Maurice K. moved far beyond Passau. Who ends him in a bad brawl in the spring of last year, the death-bringing blow to the face, is unclear. The victim suffocated to death after a broken nose in his own blood. Four persons were sentenced by the regional court of Passau.

“when In doubt, for the accused,” said the presiding judge Ursula Raab-Gaudin on Thursday to end a two-month process. The oldest of the four defendants is sentenced to a three and a half years in prison, the three younger received suspended sentences of one year to a year and nine months. Outwardly unmoved, you take your judgment to the attention of.

paramedics fought for the life of Maurice K.

On the last day of the trial, the judge summarizes the dramatic Events. The accused to the mother of the victim, the stand taken by the terrible Details of the sitting. It was added that evening in April, by chance, when her son collapsed and the paramedics fought for his life.

Five arrests

teenager dies after brawl in Passau about 20 people saw


Maurice and a fellow had agreed to an underpass in the city centre to a fight “1 against 1”. They could not stand each other, gossiped about each other. You wanted to clarify – with fists. About 20 spectators stood around the Duo, some of a mixed. The court makes the now 16-year-old counterparts, and a 25-year-old accused as the main suspects. One of the two have probably carried out the decisive blow, says the Chairman of judges. However, could not say with certainty who of them.

Two shots to finish resistance of the student

in the opinion of the court had mixed the 15-and 17-year-old accused in the fight. Your 25-year-old Cousin was left with two brutal beatings in between, one against head and one in the belly – had also said witnesses. From the Moment Maurice was in a daze and not to fight back was able. After that, the actual opponent struck again, and several blows to the head. Maurice’s reflexes were off, he had inhaled blood, but not any more coughs. He stood with his back to a wall, the arms just lifted, and then the hands go down. No defense any more.

The 25-Year-old, the court determines, among other things, intentional assault, negligent homicide and participation in a brawl to the load. With his blows, the consciousness of the victim had been tarnished already. The 16-Year-old had made the intentional infliction of bodily injury as well as participation in a brawl criminal offence. In addition, he had attacked later, police officers and insulted. The other defendants sentenced by the court for grievous bodily harm and participation in a brawl.

the Oldest defendant boasted with K. o.

After the fight, the 25-boasted-Year-old still with a message in social networks: “I hit a knock out.” The young man taught with such brutal beatings against Maurice, was completely disproportionate. “Since a is mixed by trained, superior adult in a fight. The were almost still children, 15 years old.” The tall and powerfully-built Maurice was able to shake off the two smaller Cousins of the 25-Year-old loose. With his Intervention, the 25-Year-old was already due to other offences in detention have ensured that the fight “1 against 1” and grew to be this dramatic to Happen.

Not traceable the court considers the behavior of the counterparty of Maurice after the fact. As the police wanted to ensure T-Shirt and pants of the student, to forensics, to handle this, the officers violently, and overlaid them accordingly with insults: “This is the Hammer: There’s a 15-year-old students to such an extent that police had to intervene sixth to give him a T-Shirt and pants.”

the court concluded with the words positively

Positive, the court counted the four accused that they had shown in their – to the exclusion of the Public presented last words – Regret. Since you had stored your Coolness, said the judge. The last words were in part, have been very strongly and emotionally. The Youngest said, always the mother of Maurice think, because he wondered how his own mother would go, if he would have died. It could have been anyone, says the judge. “And this shows why such fights are nonsense, because they can escalate.”

The judgments are not yet final.

tkr/Ute Wessels / REUTERS